Learning and Legacy

This past weekend I got to talk with my daughter who has been in Papua New Guinea for the last 6 weeks. She excitedly told me how the team she was working with had been helping to input into a computer the translation of part of the New Testament for a tribal group. She spoke […]

Am I a Geek?

Last week I admitted to my fear of “messing around”. I’m not sure I will ever be confident in calling myself a tech geek or “Geeking Out“, but this past weekend has given me insight and confidence. Attending The Networked Educator with Chris and Kim gave me new tools for my tool box. Understanding what Diigo is and how […]

Why I Fear Messing Around

I had an “ah-ha” moment this evening as read this article on Messing Around. About 20 years ago we had some type of Mac computer. It was my husband’s and the operating system was Japanese. He had written an article and needed it typed into the computer. Now that was going to be a challenge […]