New Hats and Old Hats

It seems that for the past 3 years, I’ve had various jobs to do at our school. I am thankful for the opportunity to try new things and to be able to say, “This one is not for me. Yes, I could do the job, but it really is not using my gifts and passions […]

How Do We Help? Part 3

Flat Classroom in Yokohama finished today, but it is far from ended. You can see an incredible final student presentation here. The videos are awesome and awe inspiring. What passion and desire to make a change. While some of the students were furiously working on this presentation and videos the rest of us continued our […]

Voicethread Ups and Downs

The final project for my Coetail Course 5 was to be a Voicethread of my students explaining an addition strategy. Last year I had my students collaborate to create a poster that was uploaded to Voicethread and then wanted each student to share something from the poster. The posters got uploaded but the voices never […]

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling, when I first heard this topic, I thought about how my students might share stories they are writing using technology. I knew of a few online programs and apps for my iPad that I’m still learning about. I was really thrilled when I came across this site from a Diigo in Education update. But […]

Presentation Design

Learning about presentation design this week has been interesting, but not particularly relevant to what I do with with my students. I looked in my Keynote folder and found 2 presentations I’ve made to use with the faculty. In both of the presentations I was introducing technology integration to the staff. My first presentation was […]

YouTube and Me

I am by far just a beginner in using YouTube. Last year, the 1st grade teacher helped me set up my own channel. Last week one of the Japanese teachers at the school was showing a video of my students reading a story. I helped her connect the computer to the projector in my classroom […]

Where am I on Bloom’s Taxonomy?

Somewhere at the beginning of the Coetail course we read an article about Bloom’s new taxonomy. At the time I wasn’t sure I would every be able to get above the Lower Order Thinking Skills (LOTS). I was really hoping that I could just Remember and possibly Understand a few of the terms and ideas. This […]

Am I a Geek?

Last week I admitted to my fear of “messing around”. I’m not sure I will ever be confident in calling myself a tech geek or “Geeking Out“, but this past weekend has given me insight and confidence. Attending The Networked Educator with Chris and Kim gave me new tools for my tool box. Understanding what Diigo is and how […]