Back to School Day 2018

Back to School Day will be on Monday, September 17, 2018. This is one day in the year that elementary, middle school and high school will have very different starting and ending times. 8:30 – Elementary and High School students begin classes.  Middle School students are not allowed on campus until 11:45. 11:45 – Middle […]

A New School Year

Friday, August 24th was the first day of classes for the elementary students at Christian Academy in Japan(CAJ) where we are equipping students to serve Japan and the world for Christ. Students, staff and parents all seemed excited to be back at school. We tried something new with an information session for parents at the […]

CAJ Elementary Knights

CAJ Elementary Knights are Grateful, Faithful, and Caring. The mascot of Christian Academy in Japan is Knights. This elementary staff  wanted to create an ethos and chose Grateful, Faithful, and Caring as our three pillars. For our first chapel all of the elementary staff were asked to choose something to work on. Our principal, Jacquie […]

Report card and Goal Setting

Last week was the end of the first semester. Teachers have been working on report cards, continua and comments. The continua are for reading and writing. Several years ago we decided to report reading and writing achievement using Bonnie Campbell-Hill’s continua. I posted about that here. The report card is divided into  sections one is on […]

Biblical Perspective and Student Objectives

What does teaching from a biblical perspective mean? What are Student Objectives and why are they important? These were the topics that we discussed at the December Elementary Parent Café. At Christian Academy in Japan(CAJ) we do not use a Christian curriculum, but rather use textbooks that are used in public schools in the US […]

Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conferences began today and will continue Friday and Monday. There has been a lot of preparation happening in the classrooms for the students to be ready to share their portfolios with their parents. Parents were asked to sign up online the last few weeks. Conferences were scheduled for 40 minutes for kindergarteners and 1st graders. […]