Report card and Goal Setting

Last week was the end of the first semester. Teachers have been working on report cards, continua and comments. The continua are for reading and writing. Several years ago we decided to report reading and writing achievement using Bonnie Campbell-Hill’s continua. I posted about that┬áhere. The report card is divided into ┬ásections one is on […]


Christmas isn’t just a day, but a season, this was the message from one of the ambassadors who attended the Parliamentary Christmas Party at the New Otani Hotel on Thursday, December 4th. She spoke of the first “Christmas” when Jesus was born and the angels brought the message to the shepherds of “Glory to God […]


How often do we say? “When I was in school.” “When I was little …” “They use to …” November and December are holiday months for most people from the USA and many other parts of the world. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US, the fourth Thursday of November since the time of President Lincoln […]

Lessons From Baking

For the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of baking without wheat flour. I’ve been using rice powder, soy powder, almond powder, coconut powder or a combination of these. My first try with coconut powder was a disaster since I didn’t read the package that stated: “In other recipes you may only want […]

Allergies and Baking

A few months ago I had a sinus infection. The doctor asked if I had considered having surgery. A few friends recommended that I try getting rid of wheat and dairy. I’ve been trying to take gluten/wheat and dairy from my diet. It has been challenging and interesting. Another friend also recommended The Plan: Eliminate […]