Awards, Honors and Blessings

This post is about my husband, Okio. This week he received several awards sponsored by Dai-Ichi  Life Insurance Company, the Welfare Labor Ministry of the Japanese government, Asahi newspaper, and NHK. I was able to attend the award ceremony on Thursday, October 20th at Hotel Okura and go with him on Friday to the Imperial […]

A Letter to My Loved Ones

God’s timing in our lives is always perfect. In July, I attended ELDI that I wrote about here. As a parting gift from the facilitators each participant received the book Relational Leadership by Walter C. Wright. I was able to read the book on my various plane rides during the my time in the States and […]

Come Fly With Me

For years I have mostly flown economy class. This has included many domestic and international flights. I have had a few occasions to fly business and although it was nice I never made a connection to my teaching and classroom. Recently my husband has taken me with him on 2 business trips and both times […]

More Like Him

I was asked to share a testimony at the KBF(my church) ladies’ retreat this past weekend. I would like to share what I said, and a bit more, since it wasn’t written at the time. What does it mean to me to be a Christian? What do I want to look like, sound like, act […]

Learning and Legacy

This past weekend I got to talk with my daughter who has been in Papua New Guinea for the last 6 weeks. She excitedly told me how the team she was working with had been helping to input into a computer the translation of part of the New Testament for a tribal group. She spoke […]