Lessons From Baking

For the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of baking without wheat flour. I’ve been using rice powder, soy powder, almond powder, coconut powder or a combination of these. My first try with coconut powder was a disaster since I didn’t read the package that stated: “In other recipes you may only want […]

Come Fly With Me

For years I have mostly flown economy class. This has included many domestic and international flights. I have had a few occasions to fly business and although it was nice I never made a connection to my teaching and classroom. Recently my husband has taken me with him on 2 business trips and both times […]

What is Good Teaching?

This week I begin participating in a book club discussion on teaching matters most, A School Leader’s Guide to IMPROVING CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION by Thomas M. McCann, Alan C. Jones and Gail A Aronoff. This week we will be discussing chapter 1 “What are common practices in schools?” I’d like to share some of my take-aways, […]