Digital Citizenship

Citizen, Ambassador and Student are the three of the words I introduced at the first elementary chapel. This past week I was talking with various classes about citizenship, only this time in regards to Digital citizenship. I started in the fifth grade class by showing them the following poster.  I asked the students, “Why do […]

My Personal Brand – E,E,E

I want to begin by thanking Madeleine Cox for her blog post and creative idea of her brand. I had read the articles for this week about tribes and brands but wasn’t sure that I really cared about “my brand”. I thought it is great for educators who change positions every few years to be proactive […]

Fossils and Footprints

This week we will begin a new unit of study in second grade – Non-fiction reading and writing. The students will be reading books about dinosaurs and choosing a topic related to dinosaurs to research and share with the others in the class. One of the activities the students will be doing is to learn […]