How Do We Help? Part 3

Flat Classroom in Yokohama finished today, but it is far from ended. You can see an incredible final student presentation here. The videos are awesome and awe inspiring. What passion and desire to make a change. While some of the students were furiously working on this presentation and videos the rest of us continued our […]

How Can We Help? Part 2

Day 2 of Flat Classroom 2013 is ended. WOW! How our day began! Such energy and fabulous  ideas of how to use Web 2.0 tools to collaborate, create and change our world. We started the day with Future Learning Action Talks(Flats). Alan Levine began by sharing several amazing and inspiring stories including how and why the […]

“How can we help each other?”

That is the theme of Flat Classroom 2013 at Yokohama International School in Japan. Rebekah Madrid ended our first day by challenging us to think about “How can we help each other?” Flat Classroom is a unique conference where educators and students come together to connect, collaborate and change the world we live in using Web […]

Google Apps for Education Summit

Just spent 2 incredible days of learning and connecting at Google Apps for Education Summit Tokyo. The theme was Passion, Play and Purpose. How do we bring those into the classroom? The Keynote speakers:  Rushton Hurley, Jim Sill and Wendy Gorton were very inspiring. Also enjoyed sessions by each of them and a few other […]

Am I a Geek?

Last week I admitted to my fear of “messing around”. I’m not sure I will ever be confident in calling myself a tech geek or “Geeking Out“, but this past weekend has given me insight and confidence. Attending The Networked Educator with Chris and Kim gave me new tools for my tool box. Understanding what Diigo is and how […]