Course 5 Final Project Reflection

In September I needed to choose a project to work on for our final Coetail course. Since I still was in the process of finishing course 4 because of family circumstances I was having difficulty deciding on a project. In consultation with Kim Cofino, the course instructor, I decided to make a Voicethread with my […]

Blogging and Portfolios

A year ago I started blogging for the Coetail courses and for my class. I tried several options last year for my class blog. Eventually I settled for a blog on edublogs that was password protected. I really felt at the time that having a password somewhat defeated the purpose of a blog however, that […]

Where Did I Begin? Where Can You Begin?

In November I will be attending and presenting at the ICEC Thailand 2012 sponsored by ACSI. I submitted my proposal last spring for a workshop on Integrating Technology in Elementary school. In preparation I would like to share some of the path our school took here on my blog. I would also like to use […]

Mobile Learning Devices

How is technology helping student learning? Is it just another gadget or are students more engaged and meeting the learning targets? I have read two articles this week that have me thinking about how I am using technology and how I want to use technology. Much of the first 4 Coetail courses were aimed at […]

Voicethread Ups and Downs

The final project for my Coetail Course 5 was to be a Voicethread of my students explaining an addition strategy. Last year I had my students collaborate to create a poster that was uploaded to Voicethread and then wanted each student to share something from the poster. The posters got uploaded but the voices never […]

Moving Forward

It hardly seems possible that we have been in school over one month already. Time is flying by. I finally was able to finish the introductory video of the teachers who work with the second grade students. I wanted it done for Back to School Day, but that didn’t happen:-( Teacher Introductions from Jean Hino […]