Final Project – Course 4 Coetail

Finally! I started a project in May about ocean research, the students did the projects but I wasn’t in Japan to see what they were doing or how it went. I just recently found the photos and some of the videos that were taken on the day of their presentations. I am really proud of […]

Learning with Laptops

Trying to finish up Coetail 4, begin a new school year and think about Coetail 5, things have been a bit overwhelming lately. In the spring/summer I was unable to finish my Coetail 4 because of a family emergency back in the States. I’ve  been trying to finish up and today is the day I […]

Global Collaboration

Last year we began our first global collaboration. It was a start but there was no planning or thought about standards and how it fit into our curriculum. This year I want to be more intentional. Last year I was in contact with a teacher from Canada, Melody Watson. We read each other’s blogs and students […]

Reverse Learning

Flipped classrooms, where students watch a lecture at home and then come to class and do projects and homework with the teacher’s guidance sounds interesting but not necessarily practical for lower primary grades. As a teacher leader at our school, the idea of flipping staff meetings started me thinking. In his post, Bill states “The […]

Project based learning

Project based learning(PBL) and Challenged based learning(CBL) how would I use them in my classroom? Buck Institute for Education defines standards-focused PBL as a systematic teaching method that engages students in learning knowledge and skills through an extended inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and tasks. Challenge Based Learning was developed by Apple and is defined […]

Teaching Technology Standards – Whose job is it?

This week for Coetail the question is: Whose job is it to teach the NETs standards to students and how do we ensure they are being met in an integrated model? The technology coordinator, administrators and learning team(made up of department heads) at my school have been asking and are continuing to ask this same question. […]