Digital Citizenship

Citizen, Ambassador and Student are the three of the words I introduced at the first elementary chapel. This past week I was talking with various classes about citizenship, only this time in regards to Digital citizenship. I started in the fifth grade class by showing them the following poster.  I asked the students, “Why do […]

Blogging and Portfolios

A year ago I started blogging for the Coetail courses and for my class. I tried several options last year for my class blog. Eventually I settled for a blog on edublogs that was password protected. I really felt at the time that having a password somewhat defeated the purpose of a blog however, that […]

Moving Forward

It hardly seems possible that we have been in school over one month already. Time is flying by. I finally was able to finish the introductory video of the teachers who work with the second grade students. I wanted it done for Back to School Day, but that didn’t happen:-( Teacher Introductions from Jean Hino […]

Classroom Blog – Open or Closed?

Should a classroom blog be password protected? Why should a blog be “open”? These are questions that I have been wrestling with this year. In August I began my own journey into the world of integrated technology by starting the Coetail course. This blog is a result of taking the Coetail classes and most of […]

Visual Literacy

Denise Hattwig gives a definition of visual literacy. As an educator of young children how do I help students to become a “critical consumer of visual media and a competent contributor to a body of shared knowledge and culture”?  Maybe my first question should be, “Am I a critical consumer and competent contributor?” In the last […]

Technology Tidbit

Today was the first Technology Tidbit for the parents of elementary students. This year our elementary division has chosen to focus on integrating technology into the classroom. One of the ways that each class has begun is to integrate technology is by creating a class blog. The session today was to share with parents what […]


Several weeks ago, seems a lot longer, I started a classroom blog. After a false attempt on edublog I decided to use our school server. I wasn’t convinced it was the best and actually wasn’t happy that there would be no widgets. Now to be honest, 2 months ago I didn’t know there was such […]