CAJ Elementary Knights

CAJ Elementary Knights are Grateful, Faithful, and Caring. File_000The mascot of Christian Academy in Japan is Knights. This elementary staff  wanted to create an ethos and chose Grateful, Faithful, and Caring as our three pillars. For our first chapel all of the elementary staff were asked to choose something to work on. Our principal, Jacquie Willson, wanted us to come up with a prayer, a song, a cheer and a skit for each of the pillars. Although our first workday for staff was cancelled because of a typhoon, the elementary teachers were able to collaborate and come up with some wonderful skits, a cheer, a prayer and a song. The song will be uploaded at a later date, once our music teacher, Miss Owen has a chance to teach the students and staff. Mrs. Ingulsrud, the elementary librarian collaborated on the song by writing the poem that Miss Owen set to music.

The following video shows the cheer, skits and prayer. The students will be reciting the prayer each morning. Each class will be talking about what it means to be grateful, faithful and caring and how do we show that.

One other video that I put together to help the students and parents know who the staff are is following.

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