Summer Reading

The 2014-2015 school year has come to a close. One of the best things about summer is time to read! I know I’m looking forward to reading a variety of books this summer. For those students who will be going into 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade in the fall, we want you to share about your reading here in the comments. All students should read 50 days, you’ve received a paper to record your reading, but I’ll attach a copy that you can print off and record the days, the book title and minutes. Second graders should read 30 minutes for 50 days. Third and fourth graders should read 45 minutes for 50 days. Each student needs to choose 3 books to share in the comments. These can be done at different times, but all comments should be done by August 21, 2015. School starts on August 25! First graders should comment on the First grade class blog and fifth graders on the fifth grade class blog.

Your comment must include your first name and grade, book title and 4 sentences that tell about the book. For example:

Mrs. Hino – 2nd grade. I read Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish. Amelia Bedelia is a funny book to read because Amelia Bedelia does exactly what Mrs. Rogers tells her to do. Unfortunately what she tells her to do usually has a different meaning that Amelia Bedelia doesn’t understand. I understand why Mrs. Rogers was angry, but I think she should have spent time making sure Amelia Bedelia understood the instructions before she left for the day. This is a good book to laugh at and to learn the multiple meaning of words.

Mrs. Hino – 3rd grade. I read Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the U.F.O. by David A. Adler. Cam Jansen is a girl who has a photographic memory. Whenever she wants to remember something she closes her eyes and says “click.” She is always trying to solve a mystery. In this book, she and Eric are trying to take a photo to win a contest. They help to solve the mystery of what appears to be a U.F.O. and some other kids trying to pose photos for the contest. Read the book to discover who is Neptune and how Cam and Eric solve the mystery.

Mrs. Hino – 4th grade. I read Gloria Rising by Ann Cameron. Gloria is a girl who seems to struggle with her teacher at school. One day when Gloria is going to the store she meets Dr. Grace Street, an astronaut. Gloria’s teacher doesn’t believe Gloria and so Gloria writes to Dr. Grace Street and asks her to write back. I felt sorry for Gloria when people didn’t believe her. You’ll have to read the story to find out if her teacher and classmates do believe her in the end.


Summer Reading Record

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  1. Clara 2nd grade
    I read Mr Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears.
    Mr Putter wanted pear jelly. But he had a problem. Mr Putter couldn’t get the pears out of the tree. He had cranky legs, so he couldn’t climb up the ladder to get the pears. He made a slingshot and used an apple to try to hit the pears down. But it didn’t work. The apples went in Mrs. Teaberry’s backyard and she made apple turnovers, apple pie, apple jelly, and apple cider. Then Mr. Putter got an idea. He would wait for the pears to fall down and then he would get his slingshot and zing the pears into Mrs. Teaberry’s yard. Because he wanted pear jelly.

    I like this book because it was silly.

  2. Sophia-3rd grade I read Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery by David A. Adler.
    Cam’s real name is Jennifer Jansen but when everyone found out about her amazing memory,everyone began to call her”The Camera”but soon”The Camera”was shortened to “Cam”.Cam and her friend Eric was selling chocolate fudge bars and rice cakes.Cam and Eric saw a women wearing a long blue raincoat and dark glasses.Cam and Eric is going to solve who the thief is.

  3. Clara 2nd grade
    I read the book called Pete & Pickles. I like this book because it is funny. The elephant, called Pickles, had lots of ideas for Pete the pig. They swan-dived off Niagara Falls, sort of. They sledded down the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Sort of. They had brunch in Tahiti. Sort of. Pete and Pickles became best friends.

  4. Emma – 2nd Grade
    I read Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Anthony.
    Mr. Panda has a lot of doughnuts to give away, but he keeps changing his mind so no animals who come to Mr. Panda get the doughnuts.
    But we find out that only the mirrkat says “please” and gets the doughnuts. Not only one or two but all of them. The Panda wanted politeness.
    My favorite part in the story is the last part when Mr. Panda says “You’re welcome. I do not like doughnuts”. After all I got to know he wasn’t being greedy not sharing.
    I liked the pictures too. All the animals were black and white but the doughuts were very colorful. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, swirl and sprinkled.
    After reading this book, if Mr. Panda asks me if I want his doughnuts, I’d say “May I please have the pink one, Sir?” I think I’d get it.

  5. Sophia-3rd grade I read Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime by Barbara Park.
    Junie B. Jones go to school in room nine and she has her bestest friend Lucille and Grace.
    It is Valentines day but Junie B. Jones calls it Valentimes day so they are going to have a party so they are going to give a card to everyone in room nine which is seventeen because you don’t have to bring your own card but in the party Junie B. Jones had just sixteen.But Mrs.(her teacher)found one more card and it was for Junie B. Jones so Mrs. gave the card to Junie B. Jones and it was sooooooooo beautiful so she wanted to see who gave that card so she saw it and it was signed From Your Secret Admirer.So Junie B. Jones is going to figure out who gave that card.

  6. Yuma- 4th grade I read the book Welcome to Moldy Manor. It is Geronimo Stilton book.It is Geronimo’s birthday and he goes shopping with Trap. Then,Trap bought a lot of stuff and Geronimo needs to pay and pay until he has no more left of his cash.On Sunday,he looked at his bank account,and there were 0 dollars left! So his grandfather said to Geronimo to go to Moldy Manor. Moldy Manor is really stingy and it’s a good place to save your money. Geronimo went to his uncle to train him to save money. He got trained for 3 days and he was so hungry! At the 3rd day, he did a test about stinginess. When Geronimo was at his house his grandfather came and he had good news and bad news. The bad news was that he failled the test, and the good news was that there was a error at his account and really, Geronimo had more than 0 dollars in his account. Geronimo was really happy. I likeed the part where Geronimo realized that it said 0 dollars in his account. i really recemend this book.

  7. Sejin-3rd grade I read a book called jedi academy by jeffrey brown/ In the book jedi academy the main character is a boy name Roan. the boy roan went to a school name jedi academy. He made some good friends. but some of his friends were mean to Roan. He is studying how to use the force and how to use the light saver.But at the end of the book he learns how to use the light saver and the force.He loves a girl named Gaiana.

  8. Daigo 2nd Grade
    I read a book called Why I brush my teeth. This book is about a boy named Sam who has a wiggly tooth. He talks about teeth with his mother. It tells why it is important to brush teeth. I think this book is a good book because It also tells you about the different kinds of teeth you have. I loved this book because I just lost my fourth one!

  9. James-3rd grade

    I read a book called Moses in the Bulrushes by Jan Payne/In the story the main character was Moses.First there was an Egypitan king, called Pharaoh,he made Israelites worked so hard like slaves.He decided to kill all the baby boys born to the Israelites.But one day Pharaoh’s daughter found a baby boy in the river and she named him Moses. Then Moses grew up and he prayed to God,God said let my people free.At last,Moses held out his hand and the Red Sea divided so the Israelites could cross safely.

    I learned that even you are in troubles you should not worry because God will save the people.

  10. Isabelle – 4th grade
    Lately I finished a book called Winter of the Ice Wizard. It was a fantastic and awesome book. I wonder why I have not read this series in first or second grade because the magic tree house series are amazing. It takes place in the winter solstice in the land behind the cloud. The author is the one and only Mary Pope Osborne.
    Jack & Annie were going to the treehouse to get their next mission. Their friends actually gave the message and discover that Merlin lost his staff of power so they went to the land behind the cloud.They find an ice palace and go in and find a man in a throne. It turned out that the Ice Wizard wrote the mission and asked Jack & Annie to ask the Fates for his eye back.They went to the Fates’ house to be told that they sold it to the Ice Giant and to admire it instead of destroy it. The Fates also said if you go to the place where the giant lives you could retrieve the eye. So they did and returned to the palace and and gave the eye and freed Merlin and Morgan Le Fay.They went home happy. The end.

  11. Aiden-3rd grade

    Today I read a book called magic tree house#15 viking ship at Pope Osborne. It was pretty cool because it has interesting fact,places and stories. In this one,they travel to ireland it’s a island that civilizations and monks live.
    Jack and Annie are the main characters. They were finding the lost book in ireland when they got there. They found these monks and their lost book. Then they were afraid of these vikings so they jumped into one of the viking ships. They lost both of their oar. Then a sea monster rescued them.They ran to the tree house and point to the frog creek picture and they were home.I learned that vikings are horrible and scary. My favorite part was when the monster saved Jack and Annie.

  12. Yunbyeong – 3rd grade
    I read a book about I Spy Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold I like this book because I like the way fly guy is saying
    (fly guy is always saying z sound). Another reason is because I like hide and seek. Another reason is
    because fly guy’s eyes is so giant. Last reason is because I like tricking (fly guy tricked Buzz).

  13. Daniel – 2nd grade
    I read a book called Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne. It is about Jack and Annie traveling through time to the time of dinosaurs. At the end, they barely run away from T-rex. I liked the story because it is exciting and I like to learn about different kinds of dinosaurs.

  14. Yunbyeong – 3rd grade
    I read a book about Lon Po Po.
    Once upon a time there was a three sisters named Shang,Tao,Paotze.
    One day their mom said she will bring a grandmother Po Po and she said lock the door completely and she left.
    But there was a wolf who lived nearby and he saw the mother going so he knocked the door two times then
    three sisters said who is it then wolf said I’m your grandmother PoPo so three sisters said my mom had went to visit you
    and the wolf pretended to be surprised she really did?
    Then Shang said your voice are to low and wolf said I have cought a cold then they let him in then the wolf blow the candle and shang asked why did you do this?
    But wolf keep the mouth shut. They went to sleep then shang stretched his arm and he touched wolf’s tail and said your
    leg has a lot of hairs and wolf said he had bring a string so they didn’t care and went to sleep next they went to pick there nut and wolf gave there string and pulled it and shang saw
    it was wolf so she leave the streing and the wolf died.

  15. I read The deer in the wood.
    The story is Laura and Mary and carrie and bull dog Jack and mama papa .
    One night papa said I will hunt for a deer. papa came back .
    papa was so so so so so so nice because he did not shoot a deer .In Laura’s famiry have cutest one is dog.Deer was cute too.

  16. Emma – 2nd Grade
    I read Fly High, Fly Low by Don Freeman.
    It is a story about a bird couple, a pigion and a dove, living in a letter “B” in San Francisco.
    One day while the dove was sitting on their eggs, the construction workers came to take down the letters from the building.
    The pigeon the husband was away looking for food.
    The dove clung on to the letter “B” because her eggs were there. The workers noticed the nest and eggs and decided to place the letter “B” on the outside wall of a nearby bakery. The pigeon went on searching for his wife and their two precious eggs. He became tired and weak from searching all over the town. He blamed people, but finally remembered a kind man who feeds birds in a park. The pigeon felt a warm hand pick him up and was put inside a pocket just when he was wishing that the kind man would come and help him find his family. It WAS him!
    I felt sorry for the pigeon when he was in the search of his family, but was so relieved and happy when the kind man helped him. I would love to hold a pigeon in my hand and put it in my pocket so if I were to take a role in this story, I want to be this man.
    The pigeon heard a coo of the dove and they were finally back together. Their eggs were just about to hatch then.
    They lived happily ever after on the letter “B”, the babies on the upper part of the letter “B” and the parents on the lower part.
    I love happy ending stories.

  17. Yuuna 2nd grade
    I read a good book.It was called Henry and Mudge and The forever sea.In this book ,Henry s father,Henry,and Mudge go to the beach and play for a long time.I liked Mudge bringing half of bone.I thought it was very cute.I like this book because I like dog.

  18. Emma 2nd Grade
    I read Petunia’s Christmas by Roger Duvoisin.
    I wanted read this book because I previously read the book “Petunia” by the same author.
    In this story, Petunia meets a handsome male goose and she falls in love. I thought she was acting differently from the first story.
    Petunia finds out that Charles the male goose was going to be roasted for a Christmas dinner.
    She decides to rescue him. She paints herself into a scary fairytale monster so that the owner of Charles would get frightened and he’d be able to escape.
    It seems to work at first, but the farmer finds them and Charles is back in the cage.
    So Petunia decides to do it in an honest way, which is earning money to buy Charles. Every pound of him.
    She makes very pretty paper angels, paper stars, streamers, Christmas trees and wreaths and sells them in the city.
    People gathers around her like pigeons around breadcrumbs or children around a window full of toys.
    If I were in the city at that moment, I would buy all the crafts she made before anyone takes them because I liked them all! Petunia is very creative!
    Petunia has now made enough money to buy every pound of Charles and a little extra just in case.
    I thought Petunia was very smart because she knew Charles would be fed more and gain weight to be a nicer dinner.
    She takes the money to Charles’ owners, but the good-hearted famers are so touched by Petunia’s devotion that they say “keep the coins for happy Christmas. Charles is free.”
    Petunia and Charles get married on Christmas day. I thought it would make a big feast in the farm.
    They live happily ever after.
    I believe Petunia actually read the book she was carrying in the first story and got smart!

  19. James P 3rd
    The Hardy Boys Book 3# Mystery map
    Once in Bayport, there were two boys named Frank and Joe. In the beginning, their friend Chet found a treasure map in the Bayport park. In the middle, the boys found out the places in the treasure map they go to the places. But they could not find the treasure. At the end, a guy named Biff went with them to help find the traesure with his dog. Then they found the treasure but it belong to a store.
    I like this book because it has an amazing mystery. I like how the author keeps adding new things in the story.

  20. James P 3rd grade
    The magic school bus – Twister Trouble #5 by Ann Schreiber
    The main character was Tim. He had a adventure in a twister.
    In his school, he and his classmates were making a project on weather. Then, Ms. Frizzle came in with a lady named Dr. Wendy Weatherby. After that they went on a field trip. They rode on a twister. It was cool! At last, they went home.
    I like this book because the setting is in the tornado alley.
    I would like to go there.

  21. I read a very interesting book today !
    It was called ‘Katy no pocket”
    One of mother kangaroo did’t have a pocket, so it was funny and poor thing!
    Because she couldn’t carry her child Ferry. Then she try to ask the animals but she could’t get any idea.
    And she asked the owl , he told her “Go to the City and get a pocket!”
    And she hurry to the city and she find a man who wore an apron and it had a lot of pockets!
    The man gave her the apron and she wore it.
    Finally she could put her child in it.
    She went back and put another animals in it.
    I think Katy kangaroo was very happy because now she had more pockets than any another kangaroo in the world!!

  22. Yuuna 2nd grade
    I read a book named Stick dog wants a hotdog written by Tom Wtson.
    This book was the longest book I’ve ever read in my life.This book is 220 pages long.
    This is my challenge over this summer break.
    This book is about Stick dog and his four dog friends : Poo Poo, Mutt, Karen , and Stripes trying to get frankfruters: fancy name for hotdogs from Peter a vendor.
    But, the part I liked of this book is about that the author is no good at drawing. So, he draws stickdog and also names him Stick dog.
    I tjought it’s funny.

  23. Mina 3rd grade.
    I read a book namedI Survived The SanFransisco Earthquack,1906 written by LaurenTarshis.
    The book is about a boy namedLeo who loves being a newsboyb in SanFransisco.
    He needs the money,but the job also gives him the freedom to explore the amazing,hilly city as it grows with new century
    Horse -drawn carriages share the streets with shiny automobiles,businesses and families move in everyday from everywhere,and anything seems possible.
    But early one spring morning everything changes.
    Leos wourld is shaken literally and he finds himself stranged in middle of SanFransisco as it crumbles burns to the ground.
    I didint know the SanFransisco earthquack would be this scary.
    I hope there wont be this scary earthquack in the futre Japan.

  24. Aiden Yang – 3rd grade
    I read a book called magic tree house 5# night of the ninjas. The main character isJack and Annie. The story is:Jack and Annie went to the tree house and they got to japan to get 1 of 4 things to help Morgan from a spell.
    When they got there,they saw 2 ninjas.The 2 ninjas lead them to ninja master and he asked them few questions such as where are they from or how did they come. Before they leave the master told Jack and Annie 3 things about ninjas:Use nature,be nature and follow nature.
    Suddenly when they past rocks samurais were in front of them so they pretend to be part of the rock and then Jack stood up. A mouse was running so they followed it because they remember ‘follow nature’. It stopped in front of tree house. Jack and Annie started up the tree house and they saw the ninja master in the corner. He gave a stone to Jack. “That must be our first thing.”whispered Jack. “Yeah,lets go home.”Annie answered.
    My favorite part was when Jack and Annie became nature because I think it’s funny to be part of a rock. I learned you can easily hide by pretending to be something else.
    I want to be ninjas because I would like to be ninja when I play hide and seek.

  25. Christopher-4th grade
    In the summer I finally finished a book called Harry Potter and the Prisinor of Asakaban. The author is J.K. Rollings. The story takes place at Hogwarts. There was a news that a prisinor called Sirius Black and he escaped from Asakaban (Asakaban is jail). Harry is trying to find Sirius Black but the Dementers (Dementers are monsters that suck people’s life). Finally Harry finds Sirius Black, he finds out that Sirius Black is not that bad. Harry and Sirius Black shoos all the Dementers. Know Sirius Black is not in Asakaban. You should read this book.

  26. Chajah- 4th Grade
    I read a book called “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This is an autobiography about her childhood in the Wisconsin woods. My favorite part of this book is the time at Christmas when Laura and her sister, Mary, greet their cousins and play with them because it reminded me of greeting my cousins and seeing their smiles I couldn’t see on other ordinary day. I think I can understand her feeling of being so excited. I really enjoy this book that Mrs. Wordell recomended me.

  27. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    A boy called Charlie is the main character in this story. He is very poor but is the luckiest boy in the world, because he became the winner of the golden ticket to be the owner of the chocolate factory. He goes to the factory by getting the golden tickets, those are made from Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory. Mr. Wonka put five golden tickets in his chocolate bars where no one knows, because he needed someone to work his factory after he dies. Other than Charlie, there are four more children picked the golden tickets by cheating. The other four children didn’t follow Mr. Wonka. They all made huge mistakes and had to go back. So only Charlie was left and his family lived together with Mr. Wonka in the marvelous chocolate factory happily ever after. I was happy that Charlie picked the golden ticket and became the winner. I think he deserves it because he is a very good boy and follows the rules. I think the lesson of this story is that good acts make good results.

  28. Selin Choi – 3rd grade
    I read the book Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime by Barbara Park . Junie B. Jones had a valentine in her class. Her friends were excited.The day before the valentine`s day Junie B. Jones went to a shop to buy cards for valentine. She chose a card for everyone but Junie B. Jones bought a stinky skunk card for meanie Jim. The next day all the friends got their cards. Junie B. Jones checked her cards but one card was missing but her teacher found it. It was from her secret admirer.She founded out who it was. It was from Jim.

  29. I read a book named Danny and the Dinosaur. This story is about one day Danny went to the museum, and he saw Dinosaurs. Danny loved dinosaurs. He wanted to play with them. Then suddenly one Dinosaur moved and Danny got on the dinosaur!!!!!!! They go to a town, after that they play with a dog , help the person, and see a ball game, swim, ate ice cream.
    Danny and dinosaur went to a zoo. Then everyone in the zoo surprised the dinosaur then everyone played with the dinosaur. Everyone also do the hide and seek. But dinosaur is so big thereby the dinosaur was found from children soon.
    It`s setting sun so every vary have to go home. But Danny and Dinosaur don’t go home. Because they became a best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So they said “good by”, then dinosaur went back the museum. Danny watched until the long tail was out of sight, after Danny went back his home.
    My favorite part is Danny went the museum then a dinosaur moved around a town!!!!!!! It is so scared. Because I think if real world dinosaurs may eat people. But I think playing dinosaur is so cute in this story!!!!!

  30. Clara 2nd grade
    The title of my book is “Is Everyone Ready for Fun?”. The characters of the book are three cows and one chicken. The three cows plop, jump, dance, wiggle, and nap on chickens couch. I like this book because it’s silly and makes me laugh.

  31. Daniel 2nd grade
    I read a book called Frog and Toad Together. This story is about Frog and Toad doing things together everyday. They are very good friends, and they have funny times together. For example, Toad makes a list of things for the day, but it gets blown way. So, they skipped everything on the list and then just write “Go to bed” on the ground and they just go to sleep outside.
    I would like to have fun friends like Toad and Frog.

  32. Julie – Grade 4
    Recently I read a book called The Quest for Paradise. First Geronimo was just sleeping but then a rainbow dragon came in the house! Then the dragon had a letter from the queen of fairies! It said “need help, blossom”. So Geronimo went to a place where their is Gnomes, Witches, Mermaids, Pixies, Dragons, and Giants. At every place he founded many crystal keys! Plus the fairy queen said to get the keys in every place. Their was one more thing that Geronimo needed to find. It was the map of paradise! Geronimo found the map of paradise at the land where Giants live. After when Geronimo went every place he went to the crystal land. When he went to the land their was a oak tree that had a little door between the roots.So he unlocked the lock one by one. After he unlocked every lock he peeked inside. Then he fell inside! After one day past their was a ray of sunlight! Then he needed to pick one heart from seven hearts. But he needed to choose the right heart. Then he chose the crystal heart because the queen was a crystal queen. Then Geronimo found a staircase at the other side of the waterfall. Because he solved the riddles. Then he was able to go out but the witch was coming towards him and got mad at Geronimo. After that a unicorn came to help Geronimo! Then Geronimo saw snowy crying.(snowy is ice kings daughter) So Geronimo asked why she was crying. Then Snowy said that she is crying because she has many friends. After when snowy stopped crying they went to the crystal queens place. Geronimo gave the crystal heart to the queen. After when Geronimo gave the heart to the queen he found his self back at home! He was in his bed! He was happy!

  33. Julie – Grade 4
    Recently read a book called “Princess and the Pop-star. Once upon a time their was a princess named Tori and a pop-star named Keira. One day Keira came to the castle for a concert. How they met is at the concert. Then they both had a magical thing! Tori had a magical hair brush and Keira had a purple Mic.! So soon they became interested in each other. Then Tori said that she will give Keira a friend ship necklace. So they went to a secret garden called diamond garden. The fairies at the garden gave us the necklace. The fairies were cute! Then they thought a great idea! They wanted to switch places! So they switched places with their magical things. But after when they exchanged places they thought that it is really hard to become a another person. So they traded places again. After when they switched they noticed that Keira’s manager was stealing the diamond garden’s tree! So they figured out a way to get it back. Luckily they brought it back! So they celebrated! The manager was arrested. After when they got the diamond tree back they had a best show ever the kingdom of Meribella has ever seen in their show! They lived happily ever after being best friends! I learned that God made me so I shouldn’t think that I wanted to be somebody else.One more thing I learned is that you should not steal, lie, etc.
    I think the coolest part of this book is that princess Tori and the pop star Keira can switch places! I really enjoyed this book. It was really a interesting chapter book!

  34. Selin Choi – 3rd grade
    I read the book called Daisy Dawson by Steve Voake. There was a girl called Daisy but she always dawled.
    One day she went to meet a dog named Boom But suddenly the dog started to speak!
    Then Daisy made friends with boom. Then the next day Daisy met other living creachers like horse and ants. Then the next day came and Daisy went to see boom but he wasn’t there. Then a cat told her that boom is traped in a slammer. So Daisy went off to help boom with her friends.
    I thought I could talk to animals.

  35. The Super Chef Contest

    Brian Cho, 4th grade

    I read a book from Geronimo Stilton series, ‘The Super Chef Contest’. This is the story about him and his cousin, Trap, are going to the contest to select a super chef. While they were training for the contest, Trap was testing many disgusting food to Geronimo. On the day of the contest, Trap was carrying a mysterious trunk. When the contest started, Trap covered himself with a curtain, and he was bringing the trunk with him secretly. At the contest, Trap made nice looking food, not a disgusting food. He won the first contest and won the next day, too. Geronimo found out that Trap’s trunk was a refrigerator to keep food fresh! But on the final contest day, every food got rotten and moldy because there was a thunderstorm that night. Trap’s refrigerator became useless. Then he slipped on his food and dislocated his kneecap. Geronimo had to cook instead of his cousin as a replacement chef. Geronimo did his job successfully and they won the contest. This book is one of my favorite books because it is very funny. I love the part where Trap tests his disgusting food to Geronimo. I think the lesson of this book is to repay your debt to someone if they did good things to you.

  36. Ray – 3rd grade
    The book that I read is called,”Magic Pickle and The Planet of the Grapes.”

    The author is Scott Morse.

    The story is about a Magic Pickle. In this story the Grape monster was created by a boy.
    The Magic Pickle was trying to get the Grape Monster. At the end of the story Magic Pickle
    caught the Grape Monster with help from a girl called Jo Jo. They push the Grape Monster
    into the toilet and flushed him down.

    This book was fun to read because the characters were cool and funny.

  37. 4th grade chanhee
    I just finished a book called “Phines L. MacGuire erupts!” by frances o’roak dowell.This book is about a boy named Phines, but everyone calls him Mac. He has a best friend named Marcus,and he is just like him! Loves volcanos, Loves science, always have a scientific answer! But one day, a horrible thing happened. Marcus was moving away to a town that is 3 hours away from where mac live. Oh! I just knoticed that their names are similar too!!! Anyway, Mac was really sad. But things got worse. A new boy named Mac .R came to Mac’s class. and he was so mean,every single student hated him. Mac didn’t even want to be near him. But he had too.Mac.R was his science fair partner!!! But Mac .R wasn’t that bad. He wantedMac to call him Ben, because that was his real name.Plus, He was really good at drawing! Some how, their classmates got used to calling him Ben. Well, it wasn’t a really good ending for mac because they didn’t win the science fair. But still, he got a new friend. I Recommend this book because there is always a scientific answer to his question, so its funny.

  38. I just read a book called “Two of a kind” based on the TV series. This book is about a twin named Mary-kate, and Ashley. They are a twin, but really different.
    Ashley goes crazy about ballet, and Mary-kate likes toplay sports. Well,that could be bad. And this story tells you why it can be that bad. Mary-kate didn’t want to go to a ballet show that is by Ashley’s most favorite thing in the whole entire world. So Mary-kate gave the ticket to a girl just like Ashley called Nichole. Well, after that, Mary-kate got left out. So Mary-kate decided to call Nichole and tell her to come over. Then, she dressed up like Ashley told her she didn’t want to be friends with her any more. When Ashley found out, she was pretty mad. In fact, she looked as if she was just about explode!!! They had a big fight. Mary-katedidn’t even go to Ashley’s ballet recital. But Ashley didn’t want Mary-kate to feel that way, so she went to her basket ball game. Mary-kate felt sorry for her sister. So they apologized, and were happy as usual.
    I really enjoyed this book because there were some parts that were really funny.

  39. Yuma-4th grade I read the book Charie and the Choclate Factory. Charie lives with his Mom, Dad, two grandpas and two grandmas, grandpa Joe and grandpa George grandma Josephine and grandma Georgina. They were poor. One day on the newspaper had big news and Mr. Wonka, is going to let 5 children go in his factory. A boy called Agustus Gloop, wich he’s huge and his hobby is eating, Veruca Salt, wich she gets anything she wants too, Violet Beauregarde,wich she just chews gum all day, Mike Tevee who watches T.V. a lot, and Chalie Bucket got to go to Mr. Wonka’s factory. In Mr. Wonka’s factory, there is a choclate waterfall and Agustus Gloop got into the pipe wich is used for sucking the choclate from the choclate river. Next, they went to a place where they make gum and Mr. Wonka made his new invention and Violet Beauregarde wich loves gum, got the new invention and when she ate that she became purple.Then, Veruca Salt Went into the nut room, where 100 squierls tap the wallnuts and see if there good ones or bad ones. Veruca was a bad one so she got pushed into the garbage choot. After that, they went into the choclate television
    room, and Mike Tevee wanted to go in television and he did, but he became tiny. The only one left was Charlie Bucket. For that, Charlie got the hole factory.
    I liked the part where Mike Tevee gets so tiny. You should read it if you never read it!

  40. Yuuna 2nd grade
    I read a book named The sleepover squad.
    This book is about Emily and her 3 friends stay at Emily’s house,and take care of a pony named Ladybug.They feed,wash,ride,and have fun with Ladybug.
    The point I found interesting about this book is that Emily is not happy about this sleepover.Because,her friends can ride and get along better than Emily although she read books, studied,and was prepared for pony.
    Emily was jeluous, angry, and sad because of that.At the end, friends invited Emily to train to ride the pony.And she became happy.
    I felt sympathy to Emily. I have expeienced like this too.But I don’t want to be like Emily.I hope I can be more generous.That’s what I thought.

  41. Isabelle- 4th grade
    The Lonely Book is about a book that has been left under the chair in the library. A girl called Alice sat on the chair and noticed book, checking it out from the library. She loved the book. Each day she asked her dad to read the book to her. After her dad read the book, she would read it under the moonlight. She even slept with it under her pillow and showed it one day for Show and Tell. One day, she wanted to renew it in the library but then after finding out about another book, she forgot about the lonely book. While she was going home, the lonely book was brought to the library’s basement. The book waited….. day after day it got lonelier and lonelier til it was brought up to the library’s fund raiser. Alice found the book, she remembered it and brought it home.

  42. I read a book called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling. The story mostly takes place in a wizarding school called Hogwarts. Harry and his cousin, Dudley got attacked by Dark creatures called Dementors but Harry saved Dudley and himself by using a spell that Dementors really hate. He then had to go to London because there was the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix which is a secret society that tries to get rid of a Dark wizard called Voldemort. The reason he had to go is because he had to go to the ministry of magic for a disciplinary hearing because of underage magic outside school and headquarters is the closest to the ministry. After the hearing, he goes to Hogwarts meets a horrible new teacher from the ministry who makes kids do lines if they are in detention using a quill that carves the words you write on the writers hand. After a while, he has a vision when he was sleeping that his godfather was being tortured by Lord Voldemort in a place in the ministry called the Department of Mysteries. So Harry and his friends go to the ministry and expects to see Harry’s godfather but instead find Death Eaters who are Voldemort’s supporters. They want Harry to steal a prophecy for Voldemort that tells about him and Harry. Luckily, the Order turns up to rescue them and defeat the death eaters but Harry’s godfather gets killed. After the Death Eaters were captured, people now believed Harry’s story Voldemort’s return because a lot of people didn’t want to believe because Voldemort and his Death Eaters were so evil.

  43. Sejin-3rd grade
    I read a book called how to speak a dragonese.
    In the book the main character was Hiccup, Fhisleg,and Camacazi and Hiccups bestfreind was Fhisleg.Hiccup has a dad called Stoik the vast. Hiccup and his friends are a viking.
    The vikings have separated into two teams which is the women team and the mans team.
    Hiccup has a dragon budy called Toothless and his best friend Fishleg even has a dragon called Horrorcow but Camacazi doesn’t have a dragon.
    One day a letter came and it was a letter to the stoik the vast.The letter said bad things about stoik the vast and the letter was from the women team. So stoik the vast got mad at the women team so he was trying to so revenge to the women team. So stoik the vast got his soliders (stoik the vast was the leader).
    But then Hiccup stop stoik the vast to get revenge. He said that it mite not be the women team that send the letter. It mite be a person that is trying to get us to battle each other. Then hiccup said that he will find the person how wrote the letter and his best Fishleg said his gana help hiccup. Meanwhile toothless was kidnaped by a evil kidnaper.
    Hiccup didn’t know that toothless was kidnaped.
    The next day hiccup notice that toothless was kidnaped. Hiccup and fishleg travel for a long time. one day they both got kidnaped by the same person that kidnaped tooth- less. Then suddenly Camacazi came and rescued the people who was kidnaped. And they lived happily ever after. When I read this book it was funny because the letter that the women team gave was funny.

  44. Mana-4th grade
    I read a book called FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF MRS.BASIL E. FRANKWEILER. This book is about a girl named Claudia and a boy named Jamie who runs away from their house to a large place, a comfortable place, an indoor place, and a beautiful place called Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city. While they were at the museum, they discovered that a statue of an angel in the museum isn’t sure if Michelangelo actually has done the work of the angel . So, they decides to solve the mystery by going to the library.One day the statue of an angel was moved and Claudia and Jamie saw an weird mark on the velvet.but when Claudia looked at it carefully she realized that it was the same mark that was on the cover of a book about Michelangelo!They unlocked the mystery of the statue of an angel!And after that it was time to go home.

  45. Tryphena – 4th Grade

    I read the book called Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski. In the story there is a girl named Abby and her little brother Jonah. Their family moved to Smithville. One night Jonah woke up Abby and he then knocked on a mirror in the basement. He knocked on it 3 times and the mirror sucked them in and they ended up in the fairy tale of Snow White. They then began to ruin the fairy tale. The stepmother was going to poison Snow White and marry the prince. But instead Snow White’s stepmother tried to smash her head instead of poisoning her, because Jonah ruined her plan to poison Snow White with an apple.

  46. James p 3rd Ook and Gluk Kung-fu cavemen from the FUTURE. by Dav Pillkey
    Once in cave land there were two boys named Ook and Gluk.
    They had adventure when they were babies. They played pranks on the chief.Soon Ook sister had to marry the chief. later they all become slaves.
    They escape from a torture machine . Then they learned kung-fu at master wong ‘school they hid in the school for 6 years. they frougt off two robots and the
    little dinosaur name Lily bafe on the floor the robots sillpt on the bafe and got destroyed.They went into the time porter and freed the slaves! Read the book
    to find out who won! I like this book because it has a lot of funny picture and jokes. I also liked the pranks. It has fip O ramma’s.

    • James, I like how you encouraged others to read the book to find out who wins. Sounds like an interesting book.

  47. Mana-4th grade
    I read THE BOXCAR CHILDREN #1 by Gertrude Chandler Warner.It is about a boy named Henry and Benny ,2 girls called Jessie and Violet .They does not have their mother and father, but has a grandfather in Greenfield which Henry, Benny, Jessie and Violet think that he does not like them. That’s why they do not have any one to take care of them.One day they found a bakery that has tons of delicious cakes and bread.So they decides to ask the bakery’s wife if they can stay at night and that they will help washing dishes. The wife did not like children but when she heard that they will help washing dishes for her, she let the children stay for the night.While Benny and Violet was sleeping ,the wife talked to her husband in a another room that she will only keep Henry, Jessie, and violet but not Benny because he was small.But Jessie and Henry heard about this since they were awake.So they decides to run away to a another place where every one cannot see.One day when they were running away there was a large storm and so they were finding a place where it was warm and safe.And finally they found a rusty boxcar.When they got in there they loved the place so they decides to live there.Henry got a job and when he was working Benny, Jessie, and Violet got plates, cups and silver wear and a dog.One day they met their grandfather and changed there mind that their grandfather wasn’t a mean person at all but a young, rich, nice man.And they decides to live with him.And at the end their grandfather get’s the boxcar for the children because they begged them.
    -THE END-

    • Mana, the Boxcar children have wonderful stories. Have you read any of their other books?

      • Yes, I did but only some of it.So I think I will get the series of The Box Car soon.

  48. I read a book “climb the mountain”(bababa-chan story).
    One old lady and animals were planning to go to the real mountain, but it’s too far.
    So they made fake mountain to make curtain and cover the house roof !
    They had a good time at the top of the roof .
    At the end it was funny because the old lady started to snore ,
    all the animals could’t stand it , so they were all GONE !!

  49. I recently read a book called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K Rowling. The story starts in Harry’s uncle and aunt’s house. Harry’s relatives are going to move because even though he hates them, Harry is still worried that his relatives will be kid napped and tortured about Harry’s whereabouts after Harry leaves for the Burrow which is where his friend’s house. After Harry’s relatives were taken away by a witch and a wizard, some members of the Order of the Phoenix showed up to take him to the Burrow. Because Death Eaters who are Voldemort’s supporters might be patrolling the skies for Harry. So it was unsafe for Harry to go to the Burrow alone. After they started flying to the Burrow, Death Eaters swarmed them but the all got to the Burrow safely except for one member who got killed by Voldemort. They all mourned for him and Harry and his friends finally started planning how they were going to find Voldemort’s horcruxes which are stuff that you put your soul in so you’ll live in the thing even if your body gets stabbed or something. They planned to leave the Burrow to look after his friend’s brothers wedding. They had to escape though because Death Eaters finally penetrated the protective spells around the Burrow. They escaped safely and after about eight months, the finally destroyed two and found out that the last horcrux was at Harry and his friends school which is called Hogwarts. Voldemort found out that he was at Hogwarts so he and his Death Eaters went and fought Harry’s other friends and teachers while Harry was looking for the horcrux. After he destroyed the last one, Harry had to die because he was also a horcrux that Voldemort made without knowing. But when he died, he met and talked to his dead headmaster who was called Dumbledore. Dumbledore explained that Harry could either come back to life or just die. Harry chose to live and he finally killed Voldemort in a duel. This book is exciting and funny so I really recommend this book.

  50. Leon -4th grade
    I read the book called “Mmm.Cookies!”
    This book is about Christopher found the clay and he made the cookies with it,then he gave these cookies to his Mom.
    Of course she didn’t know that these were made by the clay, so she bited and she said “YUCK!!”
    Then he made clay cookies one more time, and gave to his Dad. His Dad ate them as Christopher’s Mom, and he said “YUCK!!”
    Christopher went to school,and his teacher made the clay cookies for him,and she gave them to him.
    Christopher ate these cookies,and said “YUCK!”
    At the end, everyone made the real cookies and Christopher gave them to his parents.

    My favorite part of this book was that Christopher made the clay cookies and gave them to his parents, then both of them said “YUCK!”
    It was really funny.

  51. Chajah- 4th Grade
    I read a book called “Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit” by Paula Danziger. This is a realistic fiction book about a girl named Amber that starts to fail but when she started to study hard and trying her best, she met a person that could help her on her presentation about brownies. After doing her presentation, she got a good grade on her project. My favorite part about this book is when Amber gets a good grade and her heart changed and she enjoyed her family life and it was easier for her. When I read this part about Amber’s family life getting better, I felt good for her.

  52. Daigo 2nd grade
    I read a book called The Hunt For The Golden Book. This book is about a mouse called Geronimo and it’s been ten years since he had been writing so his grandfather decided to have a big party for his grandson. Grandfather told him to write another book and Geronimo tried so hard to write a new book. But one day when he woke up, his computer was gone. He had to hunt for his computer! I liked this book because he is a very funny mouse and I want to be friends with him. But I didn’t like his grandfather because he is strict!

  53. Christopher-4th grade

    I read a book called: ‘Minions’. The setting is almost everywhere in the world.The Minions First emerged from the sea and what they thought was a master. There first master was a T-rex.The T-rex died and all there masters died. As centuries past they had no master. That’s when 3 Minions( Kevin,Stuart and Bob ) stood up and said “We will find a master!” The Minions all cheered. They were in London. They finally found a boss named Scarlet Overkill. But Bob becomes the King. Scarlet gets angry and trys to kill the 3 Minions. Scarlet throws a bomb at Kevin and Kevin swallows the bomb. The bomb explodes in his stomache Kevin becomes big and saves the whole London. All the minions get to live in the castle. You should read this book.

  54. Sejin-3rd grade/I read a book called Pirates past noon by Mary Pope Osborne
    The character was Jack and Annie. It`s a story of the both kid who earned a tree house full of books. One day a rainy night they went to the tree house and they found a”M” mark. They thought what the M stands for. They looked for the next adventure. They foud the book and wised to go there it was a picture of a ocean. When they got he there they saw a ship. Then the ship got closer and closer. When the ship got closer to shore the notice that it was a pirate ship. So they ran away. Than the captain went to get them. Just than Jack notice that he drop the book. So he went back to get the book. Then he got caught by the pirate. Then Annie saw Jack and went to save him. But she even got caught to.So they got in the pirate ship together. When they got in the pirate ship the captain showed them a map of the captain kids treasure.
    First the captain thought it was the kid treasure. So the captain told them to read the words. So they did. It said that the treasure is under the whales eye. The captain told them what dose that ment. But they did not new what did it ment to. The captain threw Jack and Annie in a empty room and said that if you figured what did it ment then he will send Jack and Annie free they thought for a sec then Jack saw the island and said that the island looks like a whale so the map ment that it was under the big rock. They told that to the captain and he send them free so they went home safely. When I read this book I thought it was fun because I love mystery books and this is a mystery book to.

  55. Recently I read a book called fortunately the milk. It was a story about a family and the mother has to go on a business trip.But after she left ,the two kids in the story nowdesed that they didin’t have milk so the father had to go shopping. After shopping,father nowdesed a UFO ‘s spaceship was flowing on top of him. The spaceship swallowed him up.First ,he saw was a weird alien next was pirates,then it was a science monster. Together they went into the future.In the future they saw a gorgeously a big man. He was going to sacrifice the skinny man, but because the father and the monster came ,he couldn’t. Father-said he needed to go back then the big man said in the country in that place they where in was poor but who ever had milk is rich so before they left he got a diamond.the monster science answered if you want to go home you have to put the he did and he was able to go home.the end.

  56. Mina-grade 3
    I read a book named Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate Dicamillo.
    The book is about when ten years old India Opal Buloni moves to Naomi,Florida, with her father, she dosen`t know what to expect-least of all that she`ll adopt Winn-Dixie, a dog she names after the grocery store where they meet.
    With such an unusally friendly dog at her side,Opal soon finds herself making more than unusal friends.
    And soon Opal and her father realized – with little help from Winn-Dixie , of course-that while they`ve both atsted bitof melancholy in their lives, they still have a hole lot to be thankful for.
    I read 4 more books from Kate Dicamillo and I think Because of Winn-Dixie was the best book.

  57. Chajah- 4th Grade
    I read a book called “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This book is the sequel to the book I read in the first response, but for this book the author wrote about her husband named Almanzo’s childhood as a farmer. His family is very big with his mother, father, his brother Royal, and his sisters Eliza Jane and Alice. My favorite part of this book is when the boy Almanzo gets to have a colt and train it to pull his new bobsled which his Father gave him. I like this part because I wish I could have a colt, too. Except nowadays instead of horses pulling carriges and people, we have cars and more high tech machinery. I thought this book was fun because I could see the differences between now and way back.

  58. Mana-4th grade
    I read a biography about Beatrix Potter who is the author of THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT.This book tells how Beatrix Potter got the idea of Peter Rabbit.One day she got a mail from a friend named Annie Moore who has a five year old son, Noel who has been very sick.The letter said that Noel has been good so far and that their parents are finding a way to entertain him.Beatrix stopped there thinking that Noel will want a story about animals since Noel likes stories and animals.So she rushed to her room and starts to write it.When she finished writing the letter, Noel liked it.And eight years later Beatrix potter decides to put her story into a book.So thats why Peter Rabbit became a wonderful book that every one likes.

  59. YoungChan – 2nd grade

    I read ‘I Am NOT Going to Get up Today!’ by Dr.Seuss. This book is a story about one little boy who is NOT going to get up! Even though they bring in the Police and the United States Marines. Even though they yelp from now till Christmas. If I were the boy, I will surprise and get up when the Police come to me. Why the boy doesn’t get up?? Maybe it is Saturday, NO SCHOOL. it is a fun story.

  60. I read Little Lucy goes to school. I got excited when Lucy wiggled out of Mrs.quinns hands.
    I knew something was going to happen. I was happy when Lucy was free running around.
    I was happy when the lunch ladie droppd the sandwich. I was mad at lunch ladie because She chased Lucy.
    It was fun reading Little Lucy goes to school.=

  61. Daniel – 2nd grade
    I read a book called “The Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton.
    It is about a little house that was in the countryside. The little house was very happy there, but the city grew and the little house ended up in the middle of the city. The little house was not happy in the city. Then the little house was found by the family and moved to the countryside. I liked this book because the pictures in this book were very nice and fun to look, and made me want to live in the countryside.

  62. I read a book called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling. The story takes place place at a school called Hogwarts. The story starts by Harry getting a invitation from his friends Ron and Hermione that said that Harry could go to the Quidditch World Cup with them. Quidditch is a sport played on broomsticks. Anyway, Harry and his friends went but somebody shot up the Dark Mark which is a sign of a Darkk wizard called Voldemort. Everybody panicked but they got home safely. After a while, they all went to school and Harry got signed up into a contest called the Triwizard Tournament which is a contest that three schools take part in. Each school gets one champion and the three champions compete against each other in three magical tasks. At the last task Harry and one of his friends gets kidnapped when they both touch the Triwizard cup and gets transported straight to Voldemort. Harry’s friend gets killed and Voldemort forces Harry to duel with him but Harry escapes and grabs the Triwizard cup and gets transported back to Hogwarts. He explains to people what happened but nobody believes him except Harry’s friends and professors. I really liked this book because it is thrilling and funny

  63. Aiden 3rd grade
    I read a book called bailey school kids,vampires don’t wear polkadots. The third grade got a new teacher,mrs. jeepers.That when the day is over they figured out she lives in a haunted house and she has a 2 and a half meters long box in her basement.Everybody except Eddie  thought she was weird so he was going to prove it.He and melody went but the box was locked.The next morning Eddie had an idea, he was going to coast some trouble. By the end of the class, mrs.jeepers took Eddie to the hall and nobody nows what happened. I like this book because it has imagination creature. My favorite part was the last part because it didn’t tell what happened.

  64. This summer I read a book called “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. In the beginning a house elf came into Harry’s room and said that Harry cannot go back to Hogwarts this year, but Harry said that he had to go back to school. Then in a few days Ron Weasley and his twin brothers Fred and George Weasley came to rescue Harry from Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon and their son Dudley. Find out if Harry gets to go back to school.

  65. I read a book called Don’t look at me.
    There was a boy named Patrick Edward parker and his school kids called him retard and his dad said forget it.
    Also everyone called him dumb and stupid like that especially Janet and Jamie was mean to him.
    His most wonderful and kind to him was his lamb Fluffy and one they the lamb said don’t listen to them.
    Also his grandpa came and he told about everything that is happening to him and his grandpa said don’t go near them. He also said it’s good to have a friend and he looked at Fluffy and he also said you are my best friend.

  66. This summer I read a book called “The Twits ” The Twits are two horrible people. Mr. Twit had a very hairy face he had not washed his ever in his whole life.Which is pretty amazing. And now Mrs. Twit when she was about 13 she was a very pretty person, but as she got older she became very ugly because when you think of horrible things in your mind it shows in your appearance . Mr. and Mrs. twit LOVE to play tricks on each other. So I am going tell some of the tricks they planned to trick on each other. Even though it upsets them it sounds funny to us. So the 1st trick was played by Mrs. Twit. It started with lunch. Mrs. Twit was planning to make pasta for lunch. But she snuck out into the garden to get some worms. Why WORMS. She was getting worms to put into Mr. Twits pasta but she didn’t put the worms into her pasta so only Mr. Twit would eat the worms . So when Mr. Twit was eating he said ” Why is my pasta moving.” and Mrs. Twit said that “it was a new kind” and Mr. Twit said that he liked the other kind. Then when Mr. Twit was finished with all of the pasta Mrs. Twit asked if he wanted to know what was in his pasta he said “yes” she cried “WORMS” and she started to laugh and laugh until she was hiccuping. Now you now how crazy Mr. and Mrs. Twit are.

  67. Mrs. Hino! We don’t know where that image came from! Please remove that comment and you’ll see the clean one is posted below.
    Thank you!
    Raquel DIshner

    • You had a cute emocon on the first comment and apparently it grew when it got posted! In the comment I approved it was just a small smiley face so I approved it. Thanks for letting me know.

  68. I recently read a book called The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. The story is about the count of Monte Cristo escaping the jail and revenging to a man who put him into the jail for no reason. The story starts in the big ship coming to the dock. In the ship, there was a guy named Edmond Dante who had a happy face but looked so sad. Morrel, the owner of the ship, was very upset about the fact that the captain had died by fever. So, Morrel said that Edmond will be the captain. Behind Edmond, a guy named Danglar had a frowning face. He was the accountant of the ship. Danglar had a frowning face because he thought that Edmond was too young to be the captain. Also, Danglar thought he did greater job than Edmond. So, Danglar went to Morrel and said that Edmond didn’t tell that they stopped at Elba island and stayed for a few days. But Edmond said that it was captian’s last order. Then, Edmond went to his father and told that he came back and that he will be the captain of the ship. After meeting his father, Edmond went to meet his girlfriend, Mercedes. When he met Mercedes, she said that her cousin, Fernand, took care of her while he was away. Edmond told Fernand that they are going to be married soon. He was too happy that he didn`t notice Fernand’s angry face. And he was shouting at the sea and was very angry. Behind him, Danglar and his friend, Cadrus was standing there. Cadrus was angry that Edmond will be the captian and get married with Mercedes. Then they planed to sent Edmond to jail. Danglar wrote a letter to policemen that Edmond did a bad thing. But Cadrus didn’t agree with Danglar’s plan. So Danglar and Fernand sent a letter to policeman. Then, when the wedding started, policeman came and took Edmond to the IF island. The IF island is where many prisoners stays, especially very bad prisoners. Edmon was very scary and curious because he didn’t do bad things. Many years after the guards throwed him in the jail. Everyday, Edmond’s clothes became scratched and old. One day, Edmond met a man called Abbe while digging the ground. Edmond asked Abbe why he was in jail. Abbe said that he was in the jail because he didn’t tell a secret to king. Edomond learned many things from Abbe, such as languages and mathemetics. They digged the ground together using Abbe’s knife. When the guards came, they put rocks inside the hole where they digged and went back to where they were. Suddenly, Abbe saw a light between rocks. So when he digged more, rocks started to tremble and rocks fell on Edmond and Abbe. Then, Abbe fell on the ground and huge rock struck him and Abbe got injure severly. When Edmond was crying, Abbe told his secret that he hid a map of Monte Cristo, which led to where the treasure is. Abbe died after telling Edmond to search the map behind rock beside him. When the guards came, Edmond quickly hid Abbe, and hid the map in his clothes, and acted as if he was dead. When the guards found Edmond, they rapped him with stones and threw him into the ocean. When guards disappeared, Edmond cut the rope with Abbe’s knife and headed for the Tebrong island. After a while, Edmond got help by sailboat that was coming towards him. When he talked about his situation, people on the sailboat understood. Before he got to the Monte Cristo, he helped the captain by cutting his beard and hair and dressing him in nice clothes. When he stopped at Monte Cristo island, he followed the instruction and found the treasure. When he got to the Rome on the ship that came back after 6 days, Edmond met a man called Elbas, who was Fernand’s son. Elbas invited Edmond to his house. When Edmond got to the house, he met Daglar in the house. Elbas told Edmond that Danglar was an accountant in Rome. Now that he met two men who put him in the jail, he started to think how to revenge. First, he planned to revenge to Danglar. Suddenly, Edmond met Mercedes inside, and they were both suprised. But Edmond did not talk to her since he needed to carry out his plan. The next day, he called Danglar to send all of his money to the bank, even if it was small amount for Edmond. Danglar’s eyes were shining with diomonds and golds. When Danglar carried the box where Edmond’s money was in, his legs were trembling. Edmond noticed that Danglar was trying to steal his money. Then Edmond hid himself in the hood and took Danglar to a little jail with a pistol in his hand. He caged Danglar in the jail for a long time. When Danglar begged to stop making him suffer, Edmond told Danglar that he is Edmond Dantes, not the count of Monte Cristo. Danglar shivered with frightenment. Next, Edmond wanted to revenge to Fernand. Danglar said that Fernand gave up the battle in a war, and got a money in the war. It sounded like Edmond was lying , but it turned out to be true. Then the soldiers came and got Fernand. After his revenge, Edmond told Mercedes that he was Edmond, and said he will change the life. His last word was “wait and hope”. The end. I chose this book because it was very fun. I hope you will enjoy this book.

  69. This summer I read a book called ” How We Get Things” It is a book about how we get certain things that people make for us. For instance a dentist.
    Being a dentist is hard cleaning all of the children’s teeth all day but when the children’s teeth are all clean you feel good inside. Another one is Fire fighters. I think being a fire fighter is one of the hardest jobs I know. To become a fire fighter means strength and bravery in a lot of situations. Sometimes in water and sometimes in the air but it’s usually on the land. A lot of people say that the Japanese Fire Fighters work the hardest. I’ve seen them practicing jumping off of buildings. It was kind of scary but it was cool at the same time. My favorite part was when it told me about how you make ice cream and the part where showed how you make paper money. This book is one of the series by,Child Craft. I have How We Get Things, Children Every Where, Make and Do and finally Poems and Rhyme. I have read all of these books. I think you will like them too.

  70. I read a book called MOOMIN and the Birthday Button written by Tove Jansson. I like this book because it was a very nice story. At first, Moomin thought none of his friends rememberEd his birthday but he found out that his friends were busy making a wooden treasure chest for his birthday present. Moomin was so happy that his friends were so nice!

  71. August 16, 2015

    Re.: 3rd Response – Summer Reading

    The book that I read is called, “The Kingdom of Fantasy.” Geromino Stilton is the author of this book.
    The story is about Geromino Stilton who is a newspaper writer and he decided to go to the Kingdom of
    Fantasy because he got letter from the Queen of Fairies. She sent him a letter because she needed help
    from many dangerous creatures such a giant scorpions, witches and sea serpents. One of the places that
    Geromino went to was the Kingdom of Dragons. While they were there he sat on the dragons head because
    he was tired and they rode away together. At the end of the story they wrote a book about their adventure.
    It was a fun book to read.

    By Ray Marcianti – Grade 3.

  72. 4th grade chanhee
    I just finished a book called ‘The magic finger’. It was about a family,who LOVED hunting. But the neighbor girl didn’t want to see animals getting killed for fun. She tried to talk to them to get them to stop. But of course, they ignored her. She was so angry she decided to use her magic finger, which made the family’s arm turn in to a wing,and they were so small! They could fly up in the air, and thats what they did! They were having so much fun! But the family didn’t like what they saw. Four huge ducks with hand was going in the house!!! So they had to sleep in the nest. the next morning,the family noticed the ducks with guns trying to shoot them!!! The only way to get them saved and to bring them back to normal was to never ever hunt again. So thats how they got back to normal.

  73. I read a book called Happy birthday Samantha. The main character is Samantha and Samantha’s cloth designer Cornelia’s kids Agnes and Agatha. The story starts with aSamantha’s birthday party. Her mom said that they are going to make ice cream first! Then the mean boy who lives next to Samantha’s house. His name was Eddie. So Samantha yelled at him to go away. But then her mother said to Eddie if he wants to make ice cream too. His answer was … yes. The twins and Samantha were a little bit mad. After when they finished making ice cream they went to Samantha’s garden to give Samantha her the presents. She got many presents. Her favorite one was a teddy bear from the twins. After when Samantha finished unwrapping the presents. They ate the ice cream! Then the taste of the ice cream was …. SALTY!!!!!!!!!!! So everybody spited out the ice cream!!! But why was it salty? Samantha did it carefully to not soil it on the ice cream side! Samantha knew that Eddie did it. So she went to her mom and asked if she left the ice cream by itself with Eddie and she said ”yes”. Samantha,s grand mother tasted it and it was really salty so her grand mother said that she will let Samantha go to new york and eat the scrumptious ice cream ever at ice cream parlor.The next week they went to new york and meeted the twins. Then they went to the park with the twins dog Jip. First Cornelia did not agree with having Jip go to the park with them but they pleaded and she said ”fine”. So they take Jip to the park too. They had a small doll carriage with them so the twins made the leash go around the bar of the small doll carriage so that Jip won’t get freed But then he used his claws and scratched the leash. Then the leash was not on the bar! Jip was freed! So they chased Jip everywhere close to the park. But Jip was to fast. Then the twins mother was on the stage for the voting thing so Jip went to the mother because Jip heard her voice. Then when her mother was done at speech the twins were in trouble because they promised that they will always hold Jip’s leash. After when the twins got a warning they went to the ice cream shop where Samantha’s grand mother was. Then they explained to Samantha’s grand mother why they couldn’t come to the ice cream shop just in time. At last they ate their ice cream peacefully.

    THE END.
    (I am really sorry if their are mistakes. I checked it but I don’t know if it is 100% all correct)

  74. I read dog love drawing. I felt happy just like dog when he was drawing. I thought it was so cool
    when duck drew a monster. I was mad at monster when he chased every body. I was very glad
    when dog looked up monster. I got hungry when duck drew huge yummy cake.
    I enjoy this book very much.

  75. I read a Magic Tree house book. It’s called Dinosaurs Before Dark. The main characters are Jack, Annie and the dinosaurs.

    First Annie and Jack finds a big tree house in the woods. There was lot’s of books in the tree house. Jack was looking at a book about dinosaurs and said ” I wish we could go there.” Then they were not in Frog creek anymore! They were with dinosaures! Annie had a fun time with the dinosaurs but Jack didn’t. Then a T-Rex came! Jack and Annie ran back to the tree house but then Jack realized that he forgot his back pack on the hill! Jack ran back to the hill and got his back pack. But the T-Rex came to him! But a pteranodon saved Jack and he was okay! When they got back to Frog creek they promised that they would not tell anyone what happened.
    The end

  76. Daigo 2nd grade
    I read a book called JEDI ACADEMY. It’s about a boy who wanted to go to pilot school but he couldn’t because he could not pass the test. On the way back to his house, he met Yoda and he invited the boy to JEDI ACADEMY. There he learned how to use the force and also made a girlfriend. They even danced at the party together. I liked this book very much because I love Star Wars and I want to learn how to use the force too.

  77. I read Magic Tree House #37, Dragon of the red dawn by Mary Pope Osborne. It’s about Jack and Annie who went to Japan in their tree house. They met a teacher who thought Jack and Annie were his students. They learned many things about Japan.The best thing about the book is when they met a dragon.the dragon was really friendly! I r recommend this book if you want to learn more about Japan.

  78. I read Four Mice Deep In The Jungle by Geronimo Stilton. It is about Geronimo Stilton who is a famous author. Geronimo was so scared of many things like elevators and cats. He was so afraid he could not leave his house. His sister Thea called and was so so so angry at Geronimo because he didn’t go to work. His cousin Trap took him to the airport and rode elevators with him, and he met Penelope. Penelope made him sign a paper which said he had to do anything Penelope told him to do. Penelope made him do things he was afraid of and he stopped being afraid of them. But he is still afraid of cats!

  79. I read Magic Tree House #43, Leprechaun in Late Winter by Mary Pope Osborne. The book is about Jack and Annie who travelled to Ireland where it was winter. Jack and Annie found a leprechaun named Willie. They also met a friend named Augusta. Augusta didn’t like leprechauns. They also met a witch who turned everyone into animals. She lived like a queen with her king in a castle. They saw Annie and Jack and became angry. They were angry because they were afraid that Annie and Jack would take their castle from them. Then they met Augusta again who met Willie the leprechaun long long time ago. She was so surprised to see Willie again. Then Annie and Jack went back to their tree house, and Jack wrote a note about their trip to Ireland. I liked this book because I like leprechaun stories.

  80. Sarah-2nd grade

    I read a book called Amelia Bedelia . Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Rogers told Amelia to do all the work. When they were gone, she did all the work but sometimes she makes mistakes. I like this book because she makes pies everywhere.

  81. I read a funny book .it was called The seed if watermelon. First a gramma planted a seed.
    Several animals come and dig it,but the seed still a seed.
    They yelled and fight.
    At the end the seed angry and getting bigger and bigger !!!
    I like the story because the seed talked and angry.
    the seed had a will!!

  82. I read a book called Tinderbox.
    There was soldier and he met a witch and she said do you want some money?
    Also soldier said thank you.
    Witch said go to the biggest tree over there and go inside three doors (first door normal coins, second door silver, third is gold).
    Witch said there is a dogs but I will give you apron and put three dogs in.
    He went to all three doors and he took 1000000000 gold.
    But witch said bring the tinderbox and he bring the tinderbox.
    Also soldier cut witches head because she said if you don’t give me the tinder box I will do my magic and put you in prison.
    and he buy a golden house and 2892 pets and more but he only had 2 normal, 2 silver and 2 gold also he was tired and flicked four times and there was a dogs and said what is your command my master?
    He said bring me some money and they did.
    But once he heard about beautiful princess and at midnight he went and kissed her.
    But next day princess told king and queen that she had a strange dream.
    Next day princess was moved so they knew it was true and put soldier in prison and decided to hang him.
    after that he flicked match box four times and said save me from being hanged and they did and soldiers were scared and said you marry her and they lived happily ever after.

  83. I read a book called The Kingdom of Fantasy which is written by Geronimo Stilton. It is a story about a mouse going to lands of fairy tales. This mouse is very smart and he is like a teacher. The mouse met a frog; name is Scbblehopper in a little golden room. Anyway, they explore the lands of fairy tales. However, they don’t play in the lands of fairy tales. They rescue a fairy who is a queen of the lands of fairy tales. I hope everyone should read this story.

  84. Christopher-4th grade

    I read a book called Space Mice. In the Mouse star ( a space ship that Geronimo lives in ) they found a planet called Ice Planet. Geronimo,Trap,Bugzy Wugzy and Benjamin goes to Ice Planet to explore. When they got to Ice Planet they found a cave. Inside the cave Trap touched some eggs. Days past, a huge round ball that talks, caught them and said “Who took my eggs?” Trap was embarrassed and said “me”. After that, we ran as fast as our foot would carry and we got back to the space ship. The End.

  85. Sarah-2nd gr
    I read a book called: Curious George Builds an igloo. One day George wanted to make an igloo. He invited Bill, his neighbor. He also wanted to make an igloo too, so they decided to make an igloo together. The ice were slippery so it was hard to stack them. But George worked very hard and they finally made an igloo! It was warm inside the igloo. But George wanted to make his own igloo, so he did. That day he decided to sleep in the igloo. When he woke up, the igloo was all melted! The end.

  86. I read a book called The Courage of Sarah Noble because I thought it would be interesting. Sarah went to the wilderness of Connecticut to build a house with her dad while her mom and brothers and sisters stayed behind in their old home until it was built. Sarah was only 8 years old. While her father built the house, Sarah had to make the food and take care of their cave that they slept in. Sarah had to Keep Up her Courage many times in the story but mostly when her father went back to get her mother and family and Sarah had to stay with an Indian family named Big John. I liked this story. It was interesting.

  87. I read the book Balto. It is a famous story about a dog who saved the children in the town of Nome, Alaska when they were very sick. They had a team of dog sleds to bring medicines to the far off town of Nome but many of the dogs could not make it through the snow. When it was Balto’s turn to take the medicine, they had to go 31miles to get to the town. Balto got to the town and delivered the medicine to the doctor after racing the sled for 5 and a half days. The doctor said that Balto saved the children and the town. He is a hero still celebrated today.

  88. Nathan- 4th grade
    I read the book, The Animal Rescue Club. It was a story about a club of kids that help animals that are hurt. One day they got a call that an opossum was stuck in a drain pipe on top of a house. The kids rescued it and took care of it at their care center until it was better. The next day they got a call that a goose needed help because its foot wasn’t growing right. They found a way to make it stay in the right position to grow right. They helped it be able to swim well again. This was a good book. I liked it because they helped many animals in it.

  89. I read a book called Princess Furball. I thought it would be interesting because the cover did not look like your normal princess book. It was about a princess that ran away from the castle because her father was going to make her merry a troll. When she ran away she put on her fur pieces coat so she didn’t look fancy. She hid in a tree stump to sleep. Finally she made it to a different castle. There she asked if she could watch the ball. She ended up dancing with the prince and he thought she was beautiful. She ended up marrying him and her father was happy. I liked this story because it wasn’t a normal princess story.

  90. I read the first Amelia Bedelia book. I liked it because she is so funny. Amelia Bedelia always misunderstands people’s directions and does very funny things instead, like when she dressed the chicken. She was about to get fired from her new job but then she made a lemon pie and the people loved it so she didn’t get fired. The people learned to tell her better directions so she would know just what to do.

  91. I read Daniel’s Duck. It is a story about a boy who wanted to make a carving for the town fair. His carving was a duck. At the fair everyone laughed at the duck because it looked backwards. Daniel was mad and threw it in the stream but then the famous town woodcarver found him and talked to him. He said it was very good. He wanted to buy it. He showed Daniel many of his own wood carvings. Daniel decided to keep his own duck. I liked this book because the old man encouraged Daniel to keep on carving.

  92. Tryphena – 4th grade

    I read a book called How to Speak Dolphin. In the story there is a girl named Lily. She loves her half brother Adam but he took over Lily’s life and treated her more like a mother than a sister. After some days Adam found a dolphin and he named it Nori. Lily saw how much Adam loved Nori. But she knew he would have to let Nori go.

  93. I read a book called Late for School. It was really funny because one boy he is late for school almost every day. His mom and dad are sick of him. He promises his dad that he will go to school on time. When I saw the picture, I thought he was really fast. However, he was late for school again. At the begging, he got up then he changed his shirt and pants. And then he went to the down stair to get out of his house entrance. After that there were a lot of things going on to him. Anyhow he could arrived school and he checked the school’s clock. It was 8:00AM. Finally he wasn’t late for school. When he pulled up a door knob but it was locked. He thought and thought and he realized it was on Saturday. After he got back home his father wanted go to finishing together because it was already planned. Fortunately the boy became happy. I hope that everyone read this story because it was a fun story.

  94. Leon 4th grade

    I read a book called “Up, Up, Down”
    This story is about name Anna. She liked to climb any where, like a refrigerator. But she fall down. “Oh ouch !” Then Anna’s mother said “Be care full, Don’t climb!”. But Anna didn’t listen. She went to her bed room and tired to climb her dresser. But Anna fall down. “Oh ouch !”. Then her father said “Be careful, don”t climb!”. Then she able to find to climb target. it was a tree. Then Anna climb the tree, but Anna fall down! “Oh ouch” But next time she was very care full. She climb all top of the tree. Then Anna yelled “I’m the king of the castle mommy’s a dirt rascal!”. Anna’s mother said “Anna! get out of the tree”. Anna said “No”.
    So mother tried to climb but she fall down. “Oh ouch !”. Then father come and climb but he fall down “Oh ouch”. Then Anna get tree and get big Band-Aids and she put on mother’s head and father’s bottom. Anna said “Be care full – don’t climb!”
    This book is so fanny. Because first part Anna climb and fall down so many. Mom and Dad fall down the tree too. I look like they took a lot of pain. I think Anna is kind to parents Because Anna put Band-Aids on them.

  95. I read a book called Abraham Lincoln. It was written by Jane A. Schott. Abraham Lincoln had been president of the United States from 1861 to 1865. He was poor when he was young. He couldn’t go to school because they moved to farmland so there was no school and no teacher. However, he loved to read so he learned a lot of things from those books. Unfortunately, he had to helped his father when his father was working at the farm also his father couldn’t buy some books for him. However, he didn’t give up to study. Finally, he became president of the United State. He always proclaimed that every people should have freedom so he argued over slavery.

  96. Last month I read a book called ” Anne of Green Gables. Anne is a girl, who her parents had pasted away when she was born. After along time, she found a person that might can help her so at the station Matthew Cuthbert Marllia Cuthbert’s husband picked Anne up, but” Marllia replied ” Where Is the boy? then, Matthew Cuthbert” answered to Marllia” I couldn’t just leave her at the station so I brought her here. When Anne heard that just because she was a girl,she was not needed, she cried into tears. Marllia didn’t like people crying so Marllia changed her mind and chose to keep her, but only for a week. After a while, Mrs. Rachel Lynde came to marllia’s house. Marllia told Anne to be good and she was. When Rachel Lynde stepped in, She was surprised. Mrs. Lynde said” What a girl you have! A girl with freckles and red hair that is like carrot.Then Anne replied” How about someone else told you that you are ugly, fat, and clumsy? Anne didn’t care if Mrs.Rachel was hurt of what Anne had said.Marllia thought Anne wouldn’t even say any word that was rude. Mrs.Rachel Lynde went home as soon as Anne replied the rude words,she said.Then Marllia went to Anne to say sorry to Mrs. Lynde, but Anne refused and told Marllia,Anne can’t.Then awhile ,Anne was ready to say sorry and said to Marllia ,Anne was ready to apologize, so together they went to Mrs. Lynde. I liked this book because it felt me to talk a lot more than how much I do right now. I even love how Anne uses her interesting word sometimes in her sentence for example perfectly instead of “so”or “very”.The part that was sad part was when Matthew Cuthbert died. My most favorite part what Anne says at the end is “God in His heaven all’s right with the world.

  97. I read a book called The Best Halloween Ever. Every Halloween the six Herdman kids steal candy and do other bad stuff, so they might not have a Halloween. That means no candy and no costumes. But even when it sounds so horrible the Herdmans might have the best Halloween.

  98. Yuma- 4th grade I read a book called Maniac Magee. The main character is Maniac Magee. His mom and dad died by a train acsident when he was three. So he went to his aunt and uncle, but they never talked to each other, Maniac didn’t like that so he lived by himself in the zoo. Then he went to live with Amanda because he wanted to sleep in a house. But they got in a fight and Maniac went to a another place. Next he went to his friend’s house. Then he saw cocarooches everywhere,and they drink beer, and there dad didn’t teach them. And they lived together. I think there’s a continue book of this. I liked this book.

  99. Recently,I read a book called, “Picasso”.This book is nonfiction.Picasso is a famous artist. He was born in October 25, 1881 in Malage that is in spain..Picasso died in April8, 1973, in France. In 1903 his friend had died so he drew an picture that has a name.It is called”blue period”When I grow up I want to be some of the artist. My favorite picture is the bird that is called”Dove with flower.Picasso died because he was old. When Picasso got old he didn’t stop drawing pictures.Picasso was a Christian and was baptized when he was young.I like Picasso’s arts and I would want to see more at the art museum.
    -The end-

  100. James W. 3rd grade – I read a book called Angry Birds Star Wars .The main character in the story was Redkin Sky Walker.Redkin was in loved with Peckme’ Amidala .One day,Redkin became older then he went out for a rest,but he saw two bad guys coming to him.They said :”Can you live in the pork side?”As a result,Redkin became the pork side team and he dressed up to become Lord Vader.I love this story because the Star wars story and Angry Birds story were mixed together.

  101. James W. 3rd grade – I read a book called The Three Little Pigs.The main event in the story was the three little pigs built their own houses with different objects like straws, sticks and bricks.But one day,a big bad wolf went to the three little pigs houses to eat the pigs.Only the house built with bricks did not destroy and the three little pigs got safe.The others two houses were flowen down by the wolf.I learned that you should build your house with bricks so that no one would blow your house down.

  102. Selin – 3rd grade
    I read the book called Lamb all alone.

    There was a big storm in England.There was lots of lambs near Ben’s house.Ben was worried about the lamb so ben’s older sister Kate called the RSPCA. The water was now up to Ben’s leg. hours later the RSPSA came and tried to help the lambs, but they needed Ben and Kate’s help. Then they worked together to move the lambs in a safer place.Yay!! shouted Ben happily. But one mother sheep was calling out the fence. Kate said that sheep doesn’t have a lamb maybe lamb is missing let’s find the Lamb! said the RSPCA. Kate said Can I help and the RSPCA said of course now the lamb was now in the fence happy with it’s mom. After I read this book, I think we should help animals when there in danger.

  103. I read a book called The Thirteen Ghosts from the Geronimo Stilton series. The main characters are Creepella Von Cracklefur and the ghosts.
    Creepella was writing a scarry story for The Shivory news, so she decided to go interview the ghosts. So Creepellla and her friends went to the Squeekspeare Mansion. When they got there, they met Billy. He is always too scared. Billy was too scared to go first so Creepella went first. In the mansion they met with a ghost of a dog. The dog ran and stopped in front of a purple door. Creepella opened it. Then there was a voice from a plump ghost named William. Creepella started interviewing William. He told Creepella that he got many interviews when he won the Mysterious Valley Comedy Contest! After when they got back Creepella’s article was published on The Shivery News. Then Creepella wrote a book about it and gave it to Geronimo to publish it!
    The end

  104. Isabelle
    I read a book called Bats and it is nonfiction. Bats are mammals like us maybe the only one with wings. There are tons of bats in the world not just one so I’m going to share the ones that I think are cool.VAMPIRE BATS drink blood out of sleeping animals. They spit on the animal’s neck to make the blood flow more smothly then bite the neck sucking the blood out of its victim. (Well sorry cuase I forgot the name of the next one so let’s talk about some thing else.)The Asian told the Americans about the bats. When they heard about the vampire bats they made up stories of vampires. It is amazing all those bats. Most of them are harmless . I used to think they are dangerous, now I know they’re not.

  105. Eri – 4th grade
    The Fairy Berry Bake-off by Daisy Alberto. The main characters are the two baking-talent fairies, Dulcie and Ginger. They got into a competition over who is the better baker. Their battle resulted in a big mess. When they fell into the dessert, I laughed a lot. Finally, they came to realize that they can both be talented bakers. They began to work together. It was a very cute and fun story. I learned I should try to accept anyone doing better than me from this book.

  106. I read a book name Fancy Nancy Sees Stars by Jane O’Connor. I liked this because I can learn many new fancy words. The story is about planets and stars. I t was interesting and it was a fun story to read.

  107. 2nd Grade,Sarang
    I read Mr.Tiger goes wild by brown peter. I like this book because Mr.Tiger made a fun and wild himself. When his friends did not know Mr.Tiger’s funny and wildness, he ran away into the wilderness where he went completely wild. But he returned to city because he was lonely, his friends changed like Mr.Tiger. So they was so happy. I wanted to be fun too like Mr.Tiger because i like to make friends happy.

  108. Sarang ,2nd grade
    I read Olivia helps with christmas by Ian falconer. Olivia’s family was was almost getting winter.
    So Olivia made a christmas tree with daddy when he waiting for christmas and santa. I like this book because it was fun story more than other books. In christmas, i want to have this book.

  109. I read a book called Meatloaf monster from the school cafeteria. I like how Mickey can like eat everything to save school including the medal at the end. I also read a book called A Fly Went By. It was really funny because the scary thing that everyone was running away from was just a sheep that needed help.

  110. Eri – 4th grade
    The Mysterious Giant of Barletta written by Tomie DePaola. What a mysterious and creative story it is! When Zia Concetta handed the statue the onion, I thought what could he do with an onion? I was really impressed with their very creative problem solving. I really enjoyed this Italian fold tale. I want to visit Barletta and to see the statue someday.

    Dogzilla written by Dave Pilkey
    I couldn’t help but laugh out when I read this book. The story was very funny and clever. The pictures was so cute. In the story, all dogzilla wanted was the barbeque she was sniffing, but the mice were very afraid of her. However, the mice were very clever, so they bathed dogzilla. All dogs hate being bathed. The mice took victory. I loved the ending. I really enjoyed reading it.

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