Welcome Parents and Students

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to a new school year at Christian Academy in Japan(CAJ). As elementary principal, I am excited to be serving and working with you  for the 2014-15 school year. CAJ’s mission is: ” a school for the children of evangelical missionaries in Japan, equips students to impact the world for Christ.” Here are some of the ways the elementary staff will be equipping students:

  • Introducing students to customs around the world with Christmas Around the World unit – encouraging them to be interested about and care about the world.
  • Play, Sing, Dance Perform for God, others and self. JOY
  • Ask kids to do more personal devotions(instead of reading from a book).
  • Show them that creativity and beauty are ways to bring glory to God and impact the world for Christ.
  •  I want to focus on prayer for others.
  •  Never tire of reminding them Jesus loves them.
  • Help them to become problem-solvers.
  • Teach them that God is good and is in control.
  • Integrate technology.
  • Students appreciating each other’s challenges and talents as God’s creations.
  • Showing the children that the Bible is God’s true word and that we approach other books in light of the word.
  • Learning how to work together in a way that honors Christ.
  • I would like to develop students with special needs the confidence and passion to reach out to others who need help as well.
  • Internalizing Christ’s empathy through story.
  • Fluency Friday in Kindergarten.
  • I will encourage students to see themselves as a part of a world with different cultures whom they should love and understand.
  • Teach them that God uses everyone.
  • Circle time working on how to reach out and impact their peers. That they can start at a young age.
  • Helping students practice good digital citizenship.

The theme for this school year is Celebrating 65 years: Rooted, Growing, Seeking. The Head of School’s blog in April explains each of those terms, but I would like to address from a slightly different point of view as the elementary principal.

Rooted: The elementary staff (22 staff members) has an average of 10 years of service at the school with 2 teachers having over 30 years. We have 3 new staff, but only 1 of them is brand new to CAJ, Jayne Fong who will be our speech and language teacher, resource teacher and also working in 3rd grade language arts. Shyni Paul who will be working in 4th grade language arts and 2nd grade EAL has been a parent of CAJ students for 13 years and has worn various other hats including PTA co-president and faithful substitute. Jamie Matsuoka who will be co-teaching in kindergarten attended CAJ for 3 years and was a substitute last year. We have 5 teachers who attended CAJ, 13 have or currently are parenting a CAJ student(s). The elementary staff is rooted in the community.
Growing: All of the staff will be participating in at least one book study, either The Vocabulary Book Learning and Instruction or Why Gender Matters. We will be growing in our craft as educators by learning new strategies for vocabulary development, gender differences, technology, Daily 5, Daily Math and the use of data to inform instruction. Several of the staff are working on their masters degree in education and others are taking online courses. Many are involved in bible studies. We all desire to grow in our walk with Christ and as educators.
Seeking: Jesus told his followers to go into all the world and make disciples. As believers, he has called each of us to seek the lost and share the good news of the Gospel. We all seek to serve and share with the community by providing a safe and caring place where all who enter the campus feel welcome. We desire to create a place where students are enabled to find and use their gifts, talents and passions to serve God and others.
We, the staff will be praying for you, parents and students, and we ask that you pray for us that together we can love and serve God with all our heart, mind and soul. That together we can be a light shining in Japan so those who don’t know God will want to get to know him.
Jean Hino
Acting Elementary Principal

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