Goal Setting

On Monday, I will be having my students look at the list of “hard things” they wrote in August and reviewed in October. Our school wide theme for this year is “Do Hard Things” based on this book. Each student and class was encouraged to decide on what “hard thing” they would do this year. I want them to reflect on how they are doing, but also decide on some goals to set for the rest of the year. I’ve also decided that I need to set some goals and share those with the students. Before I share my new goals I’d like to share some of the hard things I’ve done and the process I’ve gone through to determine my goals.

Last year I decided to try  some hard things, some before the school year even began. In April I started a program designed to make healthy and smarter choices. With the jump start in April I continued walking and eating less and have lost about 20 kg. I’m still working on toning up some of the muscles and want to keep the weight and inches off. In November I went on a zip line through the jungles of Thailand and rode an elephant through the jungle.

I also made a decision to step out of the second grade classroom and into a new position(more on that later).

Last Sunday, during the children’s message the kids were encouraged to “Eat this Book” a program from Blackhawk church. I decided to check it out. Last year I had started a program to read through the Bible but lost traction somewhere along the way. This year I’ve downloaded the app to my iPhone and so I can listen to it. I’ve been listening in the morning but it may go to when I’m making dinner. At least I’ve started and plan to continue.

Last week a friend posted her blog on facebook. As I read it, I was reminded and challenged to set my priorities straight. Then I read Ann Voskamp’s blog, I had read her book One Thousand Gifts last year and although I have tried to write down my blessings I keep falling short. I am trying to tweet 3 each day. My 3 for today. My bag-my iPhone with photos + many apps not just for telephoning, my fridge-ham and veggie soup for lunch, my heart-family. Each day has a new challenge to find 3 gifts. Some days are more challenging than other days.

As important as giving credit to my father for his many blessings is I know I need to know him more and so I am taking the challenge to memorize Romans 1, 8, and 12 this year. I am hoping to find a walking buddy who I can say the verses to and who will hold me accountable.

So tomorrow before I ask the students to write their goals for the rest of this school year I want to share some of my goals with them.

  1. To memorize Romans 1, 8 and 12 by December.(They can ask me how I’m doing and hold me accountable too. Maybe I need to put my name on the Bible memory chart.)
  2. Read/listen to the Bible everyday so I can read through the entire Bible by December.
  3. Participate in a book discussion on teaching matters most by McCann, Jones and Aronoff. This will happen with other department chairs beginning the end of January.
  4. Write on this blog 1-2 times a month.
  5. Keep on walking everyday.

Although the Coetail course has finished I know I need to keep on learning and growing as an educator. Next school year my position at school will change. I will no longer be in the second grade classroom as a teacher but I will be the elementary technology facilitator. I will continue as head teacher and will probably have some other responsibilities. I am really excited about the change but know it will be a challenge and I have much to learn. It was interesting that when I told my son, he asked,”Are you having a mid-life crisis?” My one daughter said, “I can’t believe it!” When she lived at home I was always asking her help with the computer! I am not having a crisis and I am very thankful for the Kim Cofino and the other wonderful instructors at YIS who have given me confidence to step out of my comfort zone and work with the other educators in the elementary department to continue to integrate technology.

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