Moving Forward

It hardly seems possible that we have been in school over one month already. Time is flying by. I finally was able to finish the introductory video of the teachers who work with the second grade students. I wanted it done for Back to School Day, but that didn’t happen:-(

Teacher Introductions from Jean Hino on Vimeo.

Their jobs are: Andrea Wordell – Language arts, Tamara Hershberger – EAL support, Denise Owen – Music, Junko Takahashi – Guidance counselor, Esther Tsuji – Resource teacher, Ruth Ingulsrud – Librarian, Rich Enns – Support teacher, Lois Seely – Art, Marie Schraven – Resource teacher,  Craig Eby – PE, Morris Yaegashi – Japanese, Naomi Langager – Japanese, Ikuyo Hayashi – Japanese, Grace Yamato – Technology.

My self-introduction included personal information but it is very difficult to coordinate that many people!

Wednesdays are our “Technology Time” in second grade. We actually use technology most days, but Grace Yamato comes into our classroom on Wednesday mornings and we use the laptop computers. Today we had the students working in groups. One group received instruction from Grace on taking photos, our class blog posting is here. The others were working on Typing Pal and IXL.

My morning started with our Elementary Divisional meeting. As head teacher I work with the principal on curriculum and with the other teachers. Recently we had a 2 day workshop with Dr. Virginia Rojas(hope to write a post about that soon). In our meeting this morning we wanted to use the Moodle we created about 3 weeks ago for follow up. Yesterday we posted a 3-2-1. This morning as I tried to unsuccessfully add some of the teachers I managed to take myself and everyone else off! I still don’t know what I did! I wasn’t success at fixing the problem, but our technology coordinator did add everyone again. I briefly looked at the Moodle this afternoon but noticed some things were missing. I guess I need some more lessons on the Moodle in the next week.

I’ve also been working on adding some resources to our class blog for a unit we are studying about the water cycle. I’m still not sure what is the best way. Presently it is on the side bar, but I think I may change that. I really need to take some more time to figure out what will work best with the blog. I am excited that our class blogs are open and the students and some parents are making comments. There is still much I need to figure out, but one step at a time.

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Glad to see you’re starting off the year just as enthusiastic as you finished last year! Love the video idea, a nice way to give a personal touch to the parents 🙂

    • Kim,
      The kids seemed to enjoy the video too. It was interesting one child said, “I liked the video I made.” I had to ask, “Who made the video?” And then I told them that for the next portfolio I wanted their help, it wouldn’t just be me deciding on the photos.

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