Moving Forward

It hardly seems possible that we have been in school over one month already. Time is flying by. I finally was able to finish the introductory video of the teachers who work with the second grade students. I wanted it done for Back to School Day, but that didn’t happen:-( Teacher Introductions from Jean Hino […]

Final Project – Course 4 Coetail

Finally! I started a project in May about ocean research, the students did the projects but I wasn’t in Japan to see what they were doing or how it went. I just recently found the photos and some of the videos that were taken on the day of their presentations. I am really proud of […]

Learning with Laptops

Trying to finish up Coetail 4, begin a new school year and think about Coetail 5, things have been a bit overwhelming lately. In the spring/summer I was unable to finish my Coetail 4 because of a family emergency back in the States. I’ve ¬†been trying to finish up and today is the day I […]