Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling, when I first heard this topic, I thought about how my students might share stories they are writing using technology. I knew of a few online programs and apps for my iPad that I’m still learning about. I was really thrilled when I came across this site from a Diigo in Education update. But […]

Presentation Design

Learning about presentation design this week has been interesting, but not particularly relevant to what I do with with my students. I looked in my Keynote folder and found 2 presentations I’ve made to use with the faculty. In both of the presentations I was introducing technology integration to the staff. My first presentation was […]

Classroom Blog – Open or Closed?

Should a classroom blog be password protected? Why should a blog be “open”? These are questions that I have been wrestling with this year. In August I began my own journey into the world of integrated technology by starting the Coetail course. This blog is a result of taking the Coetail classes and most of […]

Visual Literacy in the Classroom

This week as part of the Coetail course we were asked to read several articles about visual literacy in the classroom. Renee Hobbes in her article gives examples from kindergarten through middle school and high school of media literacy. No students are too young and we do a disservice with older students if we don’t teach them […]

Visual Literacy

Denise Hattwig gives a definition of visual literacy. As an educator of young children how do I help students to become a “critical consumer of visual media and a competent contributor to a body of shared knowledge and culture”?  Maybe my first question should be, “Am I a critical consumer and competent contributor?” In the last […]