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I am by far just a beginner in using YouTube. Last year, the 1st grade teacher helped me set up my own channel. Last week one of the Japanese teachers at the school was showing a video of my students reading a story. I helped her connect the computer to the projector in my classroom and stayed to watch. When it was done, I asked her to send it to me so I could upload it to our classroom blog. The next day she said that it was too big and she couldn’t email it. So I suggested she send me the YouTube url. She said that she didn’t know how to do that. I told her that I could help her. Another Japanese teacher was standing there and asked to join us. After school all 6 of the Japanese teachers showed up in my classroom to learn how to set up YouTube. It was exciting to see them helping each other. I mentioned that there was a way to categorized the clips and one teacher asked me how. I had to admit that I really didn’t know, but went home and spent some time that evening making playlists and adding clips. That may seem “old hat” to many, but it was new to me. I just did my first playlist with my iTunes in November. It was interesting to see that with YouTube I could make some of the channels private and some public. Today I used one of the channels in the classroom and I need to remember to put a link on my classroom blog so the students can go and listen to the songs and practice them.

I have seen Vimeo clips recently and decided to check it out after Brian Farrell from the Coetail course recommended it. I did register and now have some exploring to do once report cards are completed.

I would appreciate hearing any pros/cons of YouTube vs. Vimeo. Why do you like one?

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  1. Hi Jean, thanks for sharing this. YouTube and Vimeo: I’m still learning in this regard too, but there’s one aspect I discussed with international teachers working in China at the weekend workshop. They often have difficulties accessing YouTube and so if you were considering video projects open to collaboration / commenting in other countries where YouTube access is restricted, Vimeo might be more helpful in this regard. Vimeo has recently revised its looks and features. The site’s own info on this is at – Wired magazine recently described it as “the thinking person’s YouTube”. However, YouTube has undergone its own changes and I’m sure it will be interesting to compare features from the perspective of actively using and creating videos for both, rather than simply viewing.

    • Madeleine,
      Thanks for the heads up about collaborating. That is something that I’m just starting to think about. I did sign up for a vimeo account, but was a bit put off when they said to check back in an hour or more for the final product. They did send me and email when it was done, but it was only a 3 minute clip. I guess they are popular and busy. I do want to do some more experimenting and checking on it.

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