Online Safety and Responsibility

Whose responsibility is it to keep kids safe online? That’s big question with many possible answers. First of all, there needs to be some level of responsibility from the parents. Just as any part of a child’s safety should first be the parents’ responsibility. Parents don’t usually allow young children to cook by themselves. They […]

Coping with Copyright

This week has filled my mind with more ideas and terms and things to think about than my mind wants to absorb. I’ve wondered: Where do I start? How do I teach what I don’t understand? Am I breaking a copyright law? What are the copyright laws I need to comply to? How do I […]

Fossils and Footprints

This week we will begin a new unit of study in second grade – Non-fiction reading and writing. The students will be reading books about dinosaurs and choosing a topic related to dinosaurs to research and share with the others in the class. One of the activities the students will be doing is to learn […]